Episode 70 – Super Ultrawide Review, Redbox Getting out of Games


recorded on Dec 20, 2019


Little Bits
Streamer got caught lying about donations again. Set a donation goal for a stream then took the money for himself.

Elder Scrolls Online reveals the next major update in 2020 will take players to Skyrim (gamesradar)

Redbox will no longer rent out or sell games and is getting out of gaming entirely (The Verge)

Nexus Mods reported a security breach and to be safe they recommend updating your security information (NexusMods.com)
Rapid Fire
New Special seasonal event on Fortnite is Star Wars themed
• New Star Wars-themed skins and glider
• New weapon: Lightsaber

The new Xbox is not called “Xbox: Series X” it is just called “XBOX” according to Microsoft Rep. (IGN)
• The “Series X” refers to a specific version of the new XBOX

Gears Tactics gets a new trailer and an April 28th release date (PC Gamer)
• According to devs: no multiplayer or microtrasactions

Horizon Zero Dawn, Uncharted: Lost Legacy, and more added to PS Now in January (Sony)

Team Ninja put out Nioh 2 beta survey results and will adjust according to fan feedback (PSLS)

Back Button Attachment for PS4 controller launching in January for $30 (PushSquare)

Corsair is buying high end controller maker Scuf gaming (PCGamer)

Xbox is the name of the next gen system as the series name used for different models (BI.com)

The Xbox Series X GPU outperforms any Navi Part AMD has shipped in 2019 (Digital Foundry)
• This also bodes well for PS5 as the specs will likely be very close

Google Stadia is now playable on all Chromecast Ultra devices with a recent update but not playable on TVs that have Chromecast built-in (IGN)
Sony debunks rumors of PS5 releasing on Dec 4, 2020 costing $600 and a PS5 Pro launching simultaneously costing $1000 (Comicbookcom)

Borderlands 3 is now on Stadia but only has content up to Oct 24 and plans to have feature parity with the game on other platforms early in 2020 (Borderlands Official)….that is not good

Upcoming Releases and Deals

Steam Winter Sale is live and lasts for two weeks! Go get those games! (Valve)
Nintendo’s Festive Offers sale started yesterday up to 80% off; no end date given (NintendoLife)
PlayStation Store January Sale is live now and probably lasts around two weeks! (PushSquare
Xbox Games with Gold for January are as follows: (news.xbox.com)
• Styx: Shards of Darkness available Jan 1 – Jan 15
• Batman: The Telltale Series available Jan 16 – Jan 31
• Tekken 6 available Jan 1 – Jan 15
• LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy available Jan 16 – Jan 31
Rumor Mill
Xbox Series X full reveal in April or May before E3 and will feature Elden Ring (wccftech)

Xbox Lockhart aka Xbox Series S (assumingly) will have a more traditional flat design (resetera)

Xbox was recently in Poland and could be looking to acquire CD Projekt Red (MaDz Gaming)

There is a new rendering of what could but most likely won’t be the PS5 aesthetic (TweakTown)

A remaster of NieR could be in the works from publisher Square-Enix (PushSquare)

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