Episode 82 – Half Life Alyx Released! Minecraft Marketplace Details

recorded on 3/27/2020


Half-Life Alyx released Monday to high praise a score of 92 and user score of 90 (MetaCritic)

  • PC Gamer – 92%
  • IGN – 10
  • GameSpot – 9
  • Upload VR – 10

Minecraft now offers educational tools for kids for free in the Minecraft Marketplace (GameSpot)

  • These tools are curated by Microsoft and are lessons like learning to code, exploring the ISS, and marine biology but there are more to choose from

Little Bits

The Xbox Series X GPU source code was reportedly stolen and ransomes at 100 million (IGN)

  • AMD has sent a DMCA takedown notice of whoever has done this

Epic has announced a new publishing label that has three key points to attract devs (Forbes)

  • Devs will retain all of the IP rights and have full creative control over their work
  • Epic Games Publishing will cover all of the development costs
  • Devs earn at least 50% of all profits once costs are recouped

Sony patents a UI system for PS5 that is supposed to be “as easy as Netflix” (Sony)

  • The patent is for dynamic interfaces for game launching
  • This means the UI will show you whats happening in your game currently
  • The goal is to jump right into the action without having to boot up the title screen

Rapid Fire

Landon Montgomery, a co-founder of Gearbox passed away yesterday (prima games)

  • He’s had quite the track record, worked at Bethesda as a level designer and artist for the Eldersscrolls series
  • Co-founded Gearbox in 1999
  • He’s worked on huge titles like Half-Life and Halo
  • He will be missed (no cause of death cited yet)

Bleeding Edge is now available to play and it is free with gamepass 

  • 69% Metacritic and 7/10 on steam

Bethesda has delayed the Wastelanders update set for April 7th and moved it to the 14th

  • Bethesda employees have been working from home due to the virus and it will slow progress

First fighter in Smash Ultimate Fighters Pass Vol 2 will be a character from ARMS! (Nintendo)

  • The specific character was not revealed but is likely to be shown off in June

DOOM Eternal sets franchise record doubling the opening weekend sales of DOOM 2016

Fallout 76 Wastelanders DLC has been delayed a week to April 14 due to COVID-19 (Bethesda)

Konami has come out and said the recent rumors of a Silent Hill reboot are false (Tweak Town)

Sony clarifies that the vast majority of PS4 games will be playable on PS5 (Sony)

Sony takes down fan made Mario creation in Dreams due to Nintendo complaining (IGN)

Sony is slowing down download speeds in Europe “to manage download traffic to help preserve access for the entire internet community”. (Sony)

  • Also the US (comicbook.com)

CD Projekt Red has donated 4 million Polish zloty or $950,000 to help stop COVID-19 (IGN)

The producer of FFVII Remake says the game is multiple parts because if it was one game they could be as ambitious or creative and would have to cut stuff rather than put everything they want spread over multiple parts (Square-Enix)

GameStop finally closes to customers under state order switches to delivery door only (Kotaku)

Upcoming Releases and Deals

A bunch of new Xbox Game Pass games dropped recently but these are pretty good (Xbox)

  • Power Rangers:  Battle for the Grid
  • Bleeding Edge (Xbox Exclusive)
  • The Surge 2

PS Plus games for April leaked in a recent trailer and they are both good (PlayStation)

  • Dirt Rally 2.0 and Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

WWZ is free on the Epic Games Store right now so check that out

  • You have until April 2nd to download it, once you do it is free
  • Also available for free on Xbox

Resident Evil 3 Remake releases next Friday and Final Fantasy VII Remake in two weeks

PS Plus members get to try Predator Hunting Grounds for free this weekend in trial (Sony)

Rumor Mill

A South Korean rating board accidently leaked COD: Modern Warfare 2 Remastered

  • It is also rumored that this remaster will only have the campaign and not multiplayer

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