Episode 84 – Sony Officially Reveals PS5 Dual Sense Controller, Final Fantasy 7 Remake Released

recorded on 4/10/2020


Sony revealed for the first time the PS5 controller the DualSense (Sony) – talk about after FFVII

  • Sense of touch is important so the controller has haptic feedback and adaptive left and right triggers to give the feeling of pulling a bow back or driving on different surfaces
  • The designers were then able to draw the lines of how the exterior of the controller would look and feel, with a challenge of making the controller feel smaller than it really looks. In the end, we changed the angle of the hand triggers and also made some subtle updates to the grip. We also took thoughtful consideration into ways to maintain a strong battery life for DualSense’s rechargeable battery, and to lessen the weight of the controller as much as possible as new features were added.
  • The share button has been replaced by the create button which will be detailed later
  • A built in microphone array to chat with friends but headphones are ideal for longer talks
  • There will be a headphone jack in the DualSense controller
  • A very shocking two tone color design instead of the traditional all black colors
  • The light bar is still there but is on either side of the touchpad which looks pretty cool but makes it look slightly larger
  • “DualSense marks a radical departure from our previous controller offerings and captures just how strongly we feel about making a generational leap with PS5. The new controller, along with the many innovative features in PS5, will be transformative for games;  to the PlayStation community, I truly want to thank you for sharing this exciting journey with us as we head toward PS5’s launch in Holiday 2020. We look forward to sharing more information about PS5, including the console design, in the coming months.”

One of if not the most anticipated game of the year Final Fantasy VII Remake releases today.

  • IGN = 8
  • GameSpot = 10
  • Game Informer = 8.75
  • Easy Allies = 9

  • MetaCritic = …..

  • Here are our impressions of the game along with some gameplay.

Little Bits

Valorant Closed Beta is in full swing, absolutely dominating Twitch views

  • Started the 7th
  • You have to register, link your Twitch account, then watch Twitch streams in order to obtain a key
  • Keys are only given out at certain times and only available on streams that are tagged “drops enabled”
  • According to Riot this will go on for at least a week but likely longer

Inside Xbox took place on Tuesday and here are some highlights (Kotaku)

  • Next Sea of Thieves update lays anchor on April 22
  • Grounded, Obsidian’s new game, goes to Xbox Game Preview on July 28

IGN announces a “Summer of Gaming” event in lieu of E3 (Nintendo Life)

  •  IGN promises the event to be filled with publisher presentations, pre- and post-discussions, remote developer interviews, hands-on-demos, preview impressions, gameplay and news segments highlighting the biggest announcements of the event.
  • Some publishers included are 2K, Square-Enix, SEGA, Bandai Namco, Amazon, Stadia

Polish studio, Glob Games has announced “Mircoman” for next gen consoles, Nintendo Switch, and PC (comicbook.com)

  • Seems like a open-world, adventure game where you play as a man that has shrunk due to an accident, Honey! I Shrunk The Kids – style
  • Fight giant rats or ants, try not to get stepped on, and do crazy platforming

Huge Youtuber and Twitch streamer RiceGum has been banned from Twitch following some “partial nudity” that was shown during one of his streams

  • Apparently he was streaming with two women this week and one of them showed their butt during the stream
  • This got him an immediate ban from Twitch
  • He is a bigtime youtuber who is known for making diss tracks about other influencers/Youtubers

Overwatch Pro “Mouffin” had his contract with Boston Uprising terminated this week due to sexual harassment allegations brought up by “KhaleesiBB” ,another influencer.

  • He’s been getting heat for allegedly communicating with underage girls
  • Soliciting nudes from these girls
  • And for being generally creepy with women according to a story where he would inappropriately touch some girls at an AirBnB they stayed at during TwitchCon
  • “Mouffin” has recently uploaded an apology video claiming he will use this time to work on himself and prepare for his alleged arranged marriage
  • According to him, the reason for his aggression was so he could avoid the arranged marriage by showing his parents he was in a relationship

Rapid Fire

Apex Legends’ new event “The Old Ways” is now live (DotEsports)

  • New Skins, New “trials” event
  • Duos return permanently

No Man’s Sky just keeps getting more content, now they have added mechs into the game (Gamesradar+)

Google is makes Stadia free indefinitely due to interest in gaming during this time (NYTimes)

Amazon mentions their video game streaming service Project Temp (Toms Guide, GameSpot)

  • The service was meant to go into beta this year but COVID-19 delayed it till 2021
  • Their new MMO game New World has been delayed from May to Fall due to COVID-19

The ESA sets dates for June 15-17 to host E3 2021 and will be “reimagined” (GameSpot)

All digital pre-order purchases of TLOU2, Iron Man VR will auto receive refunds (PlayStation)

CDProjekt Red will release a “full-blown next-gen version” for the Series X after the console launches

  • This will be a free upgrade for anyone who purchased the game for current gen
  • This has only been officially confirmed with Xbox so far, not for PS5 yet

New info on PS5 exclusive Godfall recently dropped and its pretty interesting (PlayStation)

  • Combat is influenced from Monster Hunter and Dark Souls and rewards aggression and skill based timing
  • There is co-op, classes, customization, and loot similar to Monster Hunter and Destiny
  • The story is influenced by The Stormlight Archive which is a high fantasy novel series

Upcoming Releases and Deals

Rumor Mill

  • There is a lot of buzz about a possible Fable 4 reveal next week (comicbook.com)
    • Some Xbox fans feel its likely to see some more news for Fable 4 as a launch title for the Series X soon
    • This traces back to a leak back in June of last year
    • Everyone seems to think that Fable 4 will be the next gen launch title for xbox 

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