How to complete your Week 4 Challenges

This week there came a new set of challenges and with this guide you will have them done in no time

  1. Search chests at Slurpy Swamp (7) for this challenge land at Slurpy Swamp and search as many chests as you can. You should be able to finish this challenge quickly because there is a lot of chests at Slurpy Swamp
  2. Get 3 eliminations at Weeping Woods for this challenge land at weeping woods and just try killing as many opponents as you can
  3. Hack Stark Robots (5) for this challenge land at Stark Industries and get a gun. Once you have one knock down 5 Stark Robots and hack them all to finish your challenge
  4. Deal 100 damage after jumping on a beach umbrella at Sweaty Sands for this challenge land at Sweaty Sands and get a gun once you have one jump on top of one of the beach umbrellas and try to kill an opponent with at least 100 health to complete your challenge. But remember it has to be within 10 seconds of you jumping on the beach umbrella
  5. Destroy Collector Cases at the Collection (3) for this challenge land at the Collection and break 3 of the cases once you do your challenge is complete
  6. Destroy Gatherers (20) for this challenge land at the Gorgers and destroy 20 of the little robots that they shoot out once you destroy 20 your challenge is done.
  7. Deal damage with Gatherer’s remains (10,000) now if you didn’t know the little robots that Gorgers shoot out are actually weapons if you pick it up you can use it as a weapon but you cannot build or switch weapons. For this challenge I recommend using the Gatherer to deal damage to the Gorger, this should help contribute to finishing your challenge a lot

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