How To Gain More Points In Arena In Fortnite

In today’s fortnite arena is a very special thing. Arena is the game mode where anyone can play and rank up in points but almost every players dream is to reach champion league. But many players struggle to get there so here are the best tips to reach you goal.

Fortnite's New Arena Mode – Everything You Need To Know About Ranked Mode  in Fortnite - Fortnite Nexus
  1. Find a good drop spot. This means find a location and try sticking to landing there every match if you don’t like it try switching it up and going to a different one
  2. Try to get a lot of placement points this mean try to stay alive as long as you can because the points that you get for placement are a lot
  3. Try to get some kills. Without some kills it will be pretty hard to get higher points in matches and get more points
  4. Lastly try to make smart decisions like “Should I take this fight or disengage because I don’t have many materials?” decisions like these will help you play much better.

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