+2 Yrs Game Pass Ultimate for $101

Microsoft is currently running a special to convert your existing Xbox Live subscription to Game Pass Ultimate for $1. Game Pass Ultimate packages the following 3 services:

  • Xbox Live Gold
  • Game Pass for Console
  • Game Pass for PC

Here’s how I did this:

  1. Maximize the $1 upgrade by extending you current Xbox Live subscription. I purchased a 24 month subscription from Costco for $100: https://www.costco.com/Xbox-Live-24-Month-Gold-Digital-Download.product.100375009.html
  2. Upgrade your newly extended Xbox Live subscription to Game Pass Ultimate for $1:

By completing this process you will get AT LEAST two years worth of Game Pass Ultimate (2 years + whatever you already had before step #1 above). Microsoft will be charging $15/mo for this product so you will save at least $259 from this deal. Who knows how long Microsoft will run this promotion, get on this while it’s available!

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