All New Fish In Fortnite And What Their Abilities Are

This season Fortnite brought some new fish into the game so here is all of the new ones so far and what their abilities are

  1. Shield Fish this fish just gives you 50 shield so there’s nothing really special about this fish
  2. Hop Flopper when you consume this fish it gives you low gravity
  3. Spicy Fish when you consume this fish it make you run faster exactly like the chili pepper consumable
  4. Thermal Fish when you consume this fish it gives you thermal vision so this fish is good when someone you are trying to kill is hiding from you. I think that this fish is really cool and really unique
  5. Jellyfish this fish is very similar to the chug splash item when you throw it down close to your teammates and it will heal them as well as you
  6. Midas Flopper this fish is really rare and I’m pretty sure when you eat it it turns all loot legendary
  7. Vendetta Flopper which marks nearby enemies this fish is also rare and I think it is like when you shoot a flare gun in the air or when you shake down a knocked opponent

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