All Unvaulted Weapons in Chapter 2 Season 4

Every season Fortnite unvaults some weapons so here are the ones they unvaulted this season!

  1. Post-a-Fort I’m happy that these are back because these were really fun to use in the past seasons
  2. Combat Shotgun I know that these were really OP in season 9 but Epic nerfed them so now they are horrible to use
  3. Tactical Submachine Gun Epic also nerfed this gun a lot too so this gun is also pretty bad now too
  4. Scoped Assault Rifle I’m these are back because I was pretty good at using gun back in the previous seasons
  5. Revolver I think that this unvault was pretty useless at least to me because I never used this gun when it came out in which I’m pretty sure was season 8
  6. Bandage Cannon I also didn’t care for this unvault because I always didn’t like that this item took 2 spaces in my inventory
  7. Bounce Pad to be honest I didn’t even know that this item got vaulted so i don’t really care for this unvault
  8. Pump Shotgun finally! its come back, I know that a lot of people wanted the pump back including me so I’m happy with this unvault
  9. Boogie Bombs I’m super happy with this unvault because the Boogie Bombs were super fun to use in the previous season so I’m super happy
  10. Shockwave Grenade I’m really happy that these got unvaulted because these were really good for movement and cool trickshots

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