All Vaulted Weapons In Chapter 2 Season 4

This season fortnite has vaulted some weapons so here we are goin to see which ones they are!

  1. Decoy Grenades I don’t really care that epic vaulted these cause I never used them anyway
  2. Tactical Shotgun now this is a big one I always prefered this shotgun over the charge shotgun and pump shotgun so I’m pretty sad that this gun is gone
  3. Pistol ( the epic and legendary ones) I don’t really care that the epic and legendary pistol got vaulted because I don’t like them
  4. Rapid Fire SMG (rare, epic, and legendary) I actually kind of liked this gun because the epic and legendary ones were super OP so I’m sad that its gone.
  5. Launch Pad I don’t really get why this got vaulted i mean its not like its OP and no one ever said ”vault the launch pad!” and the launch pads were great transportation so, why?
  6. Stink Bomb I don’t like that these are gone I love just annoying people when I keep throwing these at them but sadly I can’t do that anymore
  7. Hunting Rifle now I really don’t like that this got vaulted this is the only sniper I’m actually good with and I know that a lot of people out there love this gun.
  8. SMG this vault I don’t really care for because this means no more spamming my walls every second so I’m not that mad with this vault
  9. Flare Gun the last vault on this list is the Flare Gun I really like this gun because I loved how it marked your enemies when you shot it in the air and when you hit someone with it it did 60 damage so I’m pretty sad with this vault

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