Chapter 2 Season 4 Challenge Guide

With this guide you’ll have your Week 2 challenges done in no time!

  1. Search 7 chests at Salty Springs for this challenge land at Salty Springs and search as many chests as you can. This challenge may take a couple matches to complete because a lot of people like to land at Salty Springs and there is not a lot of chests there
  2. Get 3 eliminations at the Authority. For this challenge just land at the Authority and try getting as many kills as you can
  3. Dance on top of Sentinel Heads at the Sentinel Graveyard. For this challenge go to the sentinel graveyard and do an emote on top of 3 of their heads
  4. Destroy Boats at Craggy Cliffs (7) for this challenge land at Craggy Cliffs and look for a boat once you do break it and you have 1/7 done do that six more times and your challenge is done!
  5. Bounce on dog toys at the Ant Manor landmark (4) for this challenge land at the Ant Manor and look for all the dog toys once you find them bounce on all of them and you have your challenge completed
  6. Ride a motorboat under different colored steel bridges (3) for this challenge grab a boat and ride it under 3 different steel bridges, there is a steel bridge near Doom’s Domain, There is another near Craggy Cliffs, and there is also one near Frenzy Farm
  7. Search Stark Industries chests inside of quinjets (7) for this challenge land at the quinjets and go inside it to search the big chest that is shaped like a box once you search it keep going to other quinjets until you have searched 7 of them

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