What I Think About All Of This Season’s Skins

  1. Thor. I like this skin because I liked Thor before he came to fortnite, and also mostly because of the galaxy theme that is on his cape and on him, All in all I give Thor a 4/5

2. Jennifer Walters/She-Hulk I think that this skin is actually one of the best skins in the battlepass. I like Jennifer Walters is so clean and looks sweaty and that She-Hulk looks really good. So I give this skin a 5/5

3. Groot. I love this skin because I really liked Groot in general. Today once I unlocked him I still haven’t unequiped him and I will probably be using this skin a lot in the future, So I give Groot a solid 5/5

4. Storm. I like this skin but I actually think its not the best in the battlepass because of the color, I don’t really like the white on her so I give Storm a 3/5

5. Doctor Doom. I actually don’t really like this skin because it is too big and actually basically everything in his set is just huge and I don’t really like that so I give him a 3/5

6. Mystique. I really like Mystique and once I unlock her I know that I will be running her a lot. I really love her color scheme and her built-in emote is sick. So I give her a 5/5

7. Tony Stark/Iron Man I really like this skin because in general Iron Man is really cool and who wouldn’t want to wear him in-game? So I give him a 4/5

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