Episode 19

recorded on Dec 21, 2018


Bethesda in trouble again for multiple reasons: lootboxes, false store pricing, canvas bags (YongYea)

  • References to lunchboxes in recent update making community super mad
  • Holiday items were advertised as discounted even though this is the first time in store
  • Replacement canvas bags are scheduled to be shipped to customers in 4-6 months

Little Bits

Next-gen Xbox codename= Anaconda, part of Xbox overall next-gen console lineup Scarlett (The Verge)

  • Scarlett encompasses Microsoft’s 3 new next-gen Xbox console plans
  • Anaconda is the codename for one of two new consoles
  • The next-gen Xbox lineup is expected to launch in 2020

Dreams beta will last through Dec 19-Jan 21 (Media Molecule)

  • Beta is live Dec 19 for Media Molecule community newsletter subscribers and Jan 8 all others

Razer announce pricing of official Xbox One compatible wireless keyboard and mouse at CES (The Verge)

November was first month in history that Playstation, Xbox  Switch all sold over one million units (NPD)

Norway bringing Nintendo to court over their online cancellation and pre-order policies (Nintendo Life)

Resident Evil 2 Remake 1 Shot demo drops on Jan 11 but only last 30 minutes per play through

Assassin’s Creed and For Honor cross-over with new factions, gear, and skins (Ubisoft)

Insomniac Games ads heavily asked for Raimi Spider-Man suit to their Spider-Man game (Playstation)

Now and Later Deals

PSVR bundles on sale Dec 16-26, bundles include the move controllers, camera, and headset (Polygon)

  • PSVR Bundle with Borderlands 2 VR and Beat Saber = $250
  • PSVR Bundle with Creed and SuperHot = $250
  • PSVR Bundle with Astro Bot and Moss = $250

Playstation and Xbox stores are having holiday sales running from today Dec 21 – around Jan 5

Playstation yet to announce Playstation Plus free games for January

Steam winter sale is live from now until Jan 3 (PC Gamer)

Rumor Mill

2nd smash DLC character may be Erdrick from Dragon Quest series w/ stage Alefgard (Comicbook.com)

Steam future update may have code that streamlines cross-play for PC and Xbox (Tom’s Hardware)

Nintendo Switch to get a new model second half of 2019 or as early as Summer 2019 (WSJ Japan)

Cyberpunk 2077 to launch in Q4 of 2019 (NewsWeek, Stockwatch.pl)

3 types of next-gen Xbox consoles and a streaming box to appeal to every price point (Foxy Games UK)

  • Low Tier = Lockhart = replacing Xbox One S in next-gen lineup, about as powerful as Xbox One X
  • Mid Tier = Scarlett = more bells and whistles than Lockhart and a bit more computing power
  • High Tier = Anaconda = flagship Xbox console with most power and features
  • Streaming Box= Maverick (maybe) = reveal 2019 launch in mid to late 2019 or in 2020
  • Next-gen Xbox consoles to support “Game Core” which is Microsoft’s Windows Core OS
  • Refreshed discless Xbox One S to be released sometime in 2019, possibly be Maverick
  • Anaconda and Lockhart slated for staggered 2020 release date
  • Next-gen Xbox Maverick to be released before Sony’s Playstation 5
  • Pro or upgraded PS5 to be released 3-4 years after launch PS5 model

Let’s Argue

Is Microsoft’s plan to release 3 new next-gen Xbox systems and a stream box enough to dethrone Sony?

  • What features does Microsoft need to implement in the Xbox consoles to take the lead?
  • Which console are you more likely to get and why?

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