Episode 47 – EA is tired of being labelled the “bad guy”

recorded on July 5, 2019


EA is tired of being labeled the “bad guy” in the gaming industry.  Matt Bilbey (EA exec VP: Strategic Growth) is candid about the current perceptions surrounding the company and how it has hurt their reputation.

  • The reputation: EA is a huge company with abundant resources. But they are corrupted by “make money now” and not necessarily “make good game” 
  • Matt Bilbey: we do have programs to change that perception EA Originals (aids smaller studios in making their games and pushing out to a larger audience)
  • Okay thats fine and good but they still released two games of abysmal quality within a year of each other (Mass Effect and Anthem)
  • And still doesn’t explain their predatory loot box tactics (these guys coined the phrase “surprise mechanics”) 
  • Result: EA Original is a step in a right direction. To not focus on beating the dead horse with your existing franchises and insteads focuses on newer and lesser known talent.

Little Bits

Shenmue III devs not offer refunds to backers for foregoing Steam for the Epic Store; however, 

Epic Games is refunding backers instead (Kotaku)

Sony CEO Kenichiro Yoshida states that PS5 will “focus on hardcore gamers who obsess over the latest features”. (GamesRadar via Wall Street Journal)

Halo: Reach test for the PC has been illegally distributed (COMICBOOK.com)

  • Very closed beta for the PC was released about a week ago
    • Close friend of the dev team and professional gamers with history with 343
  • Literally the same day, those beta licenses got released (illegally) through the internet
  • FPSGuides message: DON’T PLAY IT, DON’T EVEN DOWNLOAD! The ban-hammer is coming, don’t mess up your chances to play the full release

Rapid Fire News

New Pokemon Go raid, catch a special “Armored Mewtwo” (based off the 1998 1st Pokemon movie)

A new Doom movie is in production for the USA Network with James and Dave Franco making it

Finally have full images of Geralt, Ciri, and Yennifer for the new Netflix live-action adaptation. They look good imo

Nuke killstreaks could be making a return in the next COD: Modern Warfare according to leak (Prima Games)

Sony strategy for next gen is to focus on big AAA games and not so much on Indies (Sony)

PlayStation 5 will use a mix of software and hardware accelerated ray tracing (Foxy Games UK)

Remedy Studios acquires rights to Alan Wake from Microsoft, may be talks with Sony (resetera)

Cyberpunk 2077 has 3 different playable prologues due to 3 different origin stories (VG24/7)

Playstation Vue service raising its price by $5 staring on July 31 (Playstation Blog)

Dr. Disrespect apologizes for E3 stream in bathroom; statement on other page (The Verge)

Weird News: Tik-tok celeb and internet persona belle delphine (not really sure what she does) is selling “Gamer Girl Bathwater” and its sold out apparently. And my faith in the male species in waning by the day

Upcoming Releases and Deals

One of PS Plus games for July switch from PES 2019 to Detroit: Become Human (GameSpot)

8 new games coming to Xbox Game Pass for console and PC (Microsoft)

  • July 4
    • Middle-earth: Shadow of War
    • My Time at Portia
    • Undertale
  • July 11

    • Blazing Chrome
    • Dead Rising 4
    • LEGO City Undercover
    • Timespinner
    • Unavowed

GameStop Game Days Summer Sale starts July 7 thru July 20, highlights below (GameSpot)

  • Buy 2 get 1 free for pre-owned games but this sale ends July 7

  • AC Odyssey – $20
  • Days Gone – $40
  • DMC 5 – $40
  • The Division 2 – $20
  • Kingdom Hearts 3 – $20
  • MLB The Show – $40
  • Mortal Kombat 11 – $50
  • Rage 2 – $40
  • Red Dead 2 – $40

Rumor Mill

Another The Last of Us Part II rumored launch of February and may have 4 editions: (wccftech) 

  • Standard, Special, Collectors, and Ellie

Microsoft still working on streaming box for Project xCloud, what will the price be? (Brad Sams)

The Switch mini may have leaked via a silicon casing product image from BigBen and a French accessory maker has shown images of a possible Switch Mini (resetera, Nintendo Soup)

Sony looking to buy Remedy Entertainment to add them to first party lineup (PushSquare)

GTA VI set in 70s 80s in Brazil, one playable male character and only on next-gen systems

Let’s Argue Can gaming subscriptions thrive?  Will gaming end up like music and tv?  Is that a good thing? 

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