Episode 48 – Nintendo Switch Lite Officially Unveiled

recorded on 7/12/2019

The Nintendo Switch Lite officially unveiled on Wednesday and will launch in the Fall (Nintendo)

  • Dedicated to handheld play, has better battery life, and does not have a kickstand
  • Available in 3 different colors: turquoise, grey, and yellow
    • There will most likely be a special Pokemon Sword and Shield edition
  • Will NOT be able to connect to a TV in any way, not sure if can dock for charging
  • Screen size slightly smaller at 5.5” vs OG Switch at 6.2” but has same 720p resolution
  • The joy-cons are part of the unit and are not detachable
  • The directional buttons have been swapped for a direction pad
  • No IR motion camera or HD rumble since joy-cons are attached; still has gyro controls
  • Can play games that support handheld mode; need separate joy-cons for other games
  • The release date will be September 20
  • Special Edition for Pokemon Sword & Shield (<- called that shit)

Nintendo is also working on “easier system transfers”

  • Current system is very annoying

Little Bits

Gears 5 1st technical test starts on July 19 w/ 2nd on July 29; w/ multiplayer modes (Polygon)

  • Modes are Escalation, Arcade, King of the Hill, and Bootcamp
  • Technical test is available to all who pre-ordered the game and Game Pass subscribers
    • Not sure if the technical tests are console only or include PC as well 
  • The test will be available to download on two days prior on July 17 and July 27

Rapid Fire News

Leaked photos of Universal Studios Super Nintendo World have surfaced (Polygon)

Microsoft files patent for detachable controllers for mobile and portable devices (resetera)

Microsoft apologizes for internal mistake w/ trailer that showed FFVII Remake on Xbox (IGN)

  • Square Enix said no plans for FFVII Remake to be on platforms aside from PS4

COD: Modern Warfare announces new 2v2 Gunfight mode that sounds very interesting

Shenmue III backers will not receive pre-order, season pass, or deluxe edition perks (resetera)

Hi-Rez Studios is expanding to the UK with Red Beard Games Studios (GamesIndustry.biz)

Google Stadia will only support Pixel 3 smartphones at launch (mspoweruser.com)

Cuphead is getting a Netflix animated series called The Cuphead Show (Studio MDHR) 

33% of Cyberpunk 2077 pc pre-orders have been made through GOG.com (CD Projekt RED)

Amazon Game Studios working on Lord of the Rings MMO in style of WoW (Markets Insider)

Nike introduces N64 inspired sneaker line the Air Max 97 (Kotaku)

Upcoming Releases and Deals

Amazon has some good deals on games and some are listed below but not all (PSLS)

  • Assassin’s Creed Odyssey – $19.99
  • Far Cry New Dawn – $19.99
  • The Division 2 – $36.80
  • Hitman 2 – $29.99
  • Marvel’s Spider-Man – $27.98
  • God of War – $24.82
  • Mortal Kombat 11 – $48.43
  • Resident Evil 2 – $39.50

  • Metro Exodus Day One Edition – $29.99

Nintendo Europe Eshop having Summer Sale on notable titles; some are below (Nintendo Life)

Playstation Retro Game Sale! Tons of classic games for cheap!

Playstation “Humble Bundle”

  • Ends Jul 23
  • “Pay what you want” model
  • 1st bundle = $1 = 3 games
  • 2nd bundle = $9 = 4 games (Layers of Fear & Wasteland 2)
  • 3rd bundle = $15 2 games (Killing Floor 2 & Shadow Warrior 2)
  • Disclaimer: With the 2nd bundle you have to pay at least the “average” amount others have been paying. This morning it was still $9
  • Proceed will go to various charities

Don’t Even Think is a free to play asymmetrical battle royale survival game that is out now

  • Multiple human teams of 3 face off against each other against werewolves
  • The objective is to be the only human team to escape or kill everyone as the werewolf
  • Humans have to gain intel, weapons, and amo while the werewolves must find rotten bodies to drink blood to become more powerful; players can choose human or werewolf

Epic Game Store – Free Games Until July 18

  • Overcooked
  • Torchlight (Diablo clone – Runic Games)

Rumor Mill

VR versions of Splinter Cell and Assassin’s Creed may be in the works (PCGamer)

A Switch OG refresh could be coming as Nintendo filed a “Class II Permission Change” to the FCC which means product specs can be tweaked w/o having to recertify it for resale in the US

  • Change of SoC type
  • Change of NAND memory (flash memory)
  • CPU board change due to these two things

COD: Modern Warfare (2019) has 200 player battle royale (resetera, TheGamingRevolution)

  • Revive system is currently being tested and is undergoing a host of different tweaks.
  • The YouTuber was unable to comment on whether it will be free-to-play or not.
  • Four player squads playable while solos and duos will most likely also be on the horizon
  • You deploy out of an AC-130.  It is 3x bigger than Blackout’s map in size.
  • The map in development features an array of close quarters and open areas.
  • The closing ring is currently scheduled to be a ring of poisonous gas but could change
  • Infinity Ward has been testing whether or not to include automatic health regeneration

Let’s Argue

Now that we know of Switch Lite, what are your thoughts on the pro model and the OG refresh?

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