Episode 55 – Control Released! Astral Chain Released! Telltale Games Revived

recorded on 8/30/2019

Control released on Tuesday to an 81 and Astral Chain released today to an 87 metacritic score

Telltale games is getting revived as another company buys all their assets (IGN)

  • LCG Entertainment has bought all of Telltale’s game assets
  • The company said it will offer freelance game dev jobs to ex Telltale employees
  • Full time game dev positions in the company will be available in the future

Little Bits

Unfold Games CEO says he will donate 100% of DARQ’s EGS profit to charity if it is accepted as a non-exclusive on the store (resetera) Tweet on last page

World of Warcraft: Classic went live Monday (8/26) – quickly became highest viewed game on Twitch

  • Good luck getting in – queues have people waiting hours just to get in
  • So many people, players are waiting in line to finish quests or fight bosses

Rapid Fire News

Fortnite and Borderlands crossover in Fortnite’s new rift zone, last till September 10 (PCGamer)

Overwatch could be coming to Switch via a leaked Switch case on Amazon (Cnet)

Take-Two’s new NBA 2K20 player pack ad is causing a lot of anger amongst gamers (YongYea)

Teaser for Capcom’s next game will take place September 9 and revealed at TGS (Capcom)

  • Leaked images hint that this new title could be a co-op focused spin-off

Tfue overtakes Shroud as the top Twitch Streamer after Ninja’s departure (Dexerto)

  • Tfue has 6.9 million followers while Shroud has 6.8 million followers

CD Projekt Red says in earnings call they will become a dual franchise studio with Cyberpunk 2077 and The Witcher IPs (IGN)

Metro 2033 movie announced, gotta wait 3 years tho (2022) (Gamesradar)

Tokyo Game Show (TGS) will take place September 12-15 and we will have all the big news

Upcoming Releases and Deals

Rainbow 6: Siege is free to play until 9/4 (Gamesradar)

Blair Witch releases today and is a first person horror thriller and is also on Xbox Game Pass

PS Plus games for September are Batman: Arkham Knight and Darksiders III (DualShockers)

Spider-Man gets a Game of the Year edition with all DLCs available for $40 (DualShockers)

Sept. Xbox Games w/ Gold = HItman: The Complete First Season and We Were Here (Xbox)

Gears 5 will be available to play on September 6 if you pre-ordered the Ultimate edition or have Xbox Game Pass Ultimate; you can preload the 80GB game on September 5th (Gears5.com)

Harmonix’s rhythm shooter Audica shoots its way onto PSVR this Fall….looks awesome!

Ashen is heading to Switch PS4, Steam, and GOG on December 9th…..nice good for them

SEGA announces Yakuza 7 and it will be a turn based RPG instead of a beat’em up brawler

Rumor Mill

Fortnite and It Chapter 2 crossover leak. Sound file with a familiar creepy laugh and a model for a “creepy balloon” were found in game files

Next Smash DLC character reveal date may have leaked to be September 12 (Comicbook)

  • The rumor points to a female character which would be the first for DLC characters

Sony is in the process of acquiring Remedy Entertainment and will announce the acquisition during Xbox’s X019 fan event in November (Dealer)

New rumor states The Last of Us Part II will have groundbreaking graphics and new gameplay

(GameRant, Comicbook)

  • The game will be Sony’s main marketing tool to showcase the PS5
  • Apparently, the game is going all in on visuals with a new engine and lighting
  • The graphics are allegedly 4x more complex than Uncharted: The Lost Legacy
    • This likely applies only to the PS5 version of the game as it will release on PS4
  • Also, cutscenes and gameplay are aiming to be seamless in transition
  • Stay alert on September 26 for more Last of Us Part II news

Let’s Argue

Would you buy a game twice to play it on the next gen systems?  If so, why?  For full price?

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