Episode 74 – Ninja Theory Making Moves, League of Legends Championship Series 2020

recorded on January 24, 2020


Ninja Theory releases its own dev diary detailing its new upcoming games (Ninja Theory)

  • Hellblade II: Senua’s Saga will explore how “madness and suffering show myths, Gods, and religion.”
  • The Insight Project is about how game tech can help people face and possibly overcome their own mental fears using science and immersive interaction to improve mental health
  • Project Mara is a real world grounded representation of mental terror and is meant to showcase the horrors of the mind, using first hand accounts, as accurately as possible
    • Ninja Theory wants this project to be a new way to show immersive experiences
  • Studio’s new mission statement is: “To craft life-changing art with game-changing tech.”

Little Bits

Dying Light 2 delayed indefinitely moving out of its original Spring 2020 release date (Techland)

  • The reason Techland gives is the usual polish and fine tuning story
  • There is speculation that devs are delaying games so they can also develop for next gen

League of Legends Championship Series: Spring 2020 kicks off until Jan 25

Joe Biden displayed how out of touch he is this week by going after videogames and developers 

  • Calling developers “little creeps”
  • And videogames “teach you how to kill”
  • Just in case you didn’t know, there is no established correlation to violent video games and rise or gun violence (the connection Biden was seemingly trying to make)

Fortnite has partnered with TikTok in starting the #EmoteRoyaleConest. Gives people the chance to submit their own dances via TikTok. If selected, the dance can become an official emote added to the game (IGN)

Ubisoft revamps its whole game dev strategy to ensure their games are more diverse and less cookie cutter experiences to avoid the trash fire that was Ghost Recon Breakpoint (VGC)

  • Ubisoft has hired a new head of editing team to ensure games are unique and do not cannibalize themselves releasing too close to each other

Rapid Fire

Nioh 2 got a story trailer along with announcing 3 DLC packs like Nioh 1 (PlayStation Blog)

The PS5 Dev Kit UI leaked – looks similar to the PS4 UI but with updates (Comicbook.com)

  • Shows that the storage capacity is 1TB SSD
  • There is a resume, overview, news, and add ons drop down menu under the app icon
  • The icons look a bit bigger and it looks a little more streamlined but overall very similar

The ports on the back of the Xbox Series X have leaked and they are as expected (TheVerge)

  •  1x HDMI, 1x Ethernet, 1x Optical, 1x Power, 2x USB-A ports (possible another on front)

Job listing for Naughty Dog hints developer may be getting into PC gaming (Overclock3d.com)

A new Kingdom Hearts title “Project Xehanort” was announced to be in the works by Square Enix. A mobile game….boo! (kotaku) 

Kojima Productions wants to make anime, manga, and shorter game experiences (Kojima)

Update: TFue vs FaZe Clan lawsuit

  • FaZe Clan is countering: “Tfue obviously trying to break a legally binding contract”
  • The contract had a clear “forum selection clause” 

Upcoming Releases and Deals

If you haven’t tried Half-Life before, now is your chance to do so for free. Half-Life 1 and 2 will be free to play on Steam until Alyx is released in March (comicbook.com)

Kingdom Hearts III DLC ReMind is out now and adds a bunch more content (Square-Enix)

PIllars of Eternity II Deadfire Ultimate Edition releases on PS4 January 28 (PlayStation)

Some more games coming to Xbox Game Pass this month are (Xbox):

  • A Plague Tale: Innocence (Console and PC) – January 23
  • Indivisible (Console Only) – January 23
  • Sea Salt (Console and PC) – January 30
  • Fishing Sim World: Pro Tour (Console) – January 30

Wasteland Remastered arrives on Xbox and PC February 25 (GamingBolt)

Rumor Mill

The PS5 custom SSD is allegedly 50% faster than Xbox Series X (PCGamesN)

  • Rumor comes from a former Phison employee as Phison is the company contracted by Microsoft to supply the Xbox Series X SSD

The Division 2 could be added to Gamepass in the new future (IGN)

  • There was a friendly back-and-forth between The Division 2 and Xbox Twitter accounts
  • The Division 1 is leaving Gamepass soon
  • Not specifically confirmed by Xbox nor Ubisoft but I could see it happening

According to a notable leaker (Dusk Golem), Konami has two new Silent Hill titles in the works right now. According to the leaker:

  • One is a soft reboot of the franchise and the other is a TellTale style game

A sequel to Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic could be in the works after getting the “OK” from EA (Gamesradar)

Cyberpunk 2077 was delayed because of poor base console performance specifically the vanilla Xbox One and that the performance on it is “extremely unsatisfactory” (ScreenRant)

The Order 1886 sequel is in development for next gen consoles (GamingBolt)

A 2D Metroid sequel to Metroid Fusion and a return to form of Paper Mario are in the works

Crash Bandicoot could be the next Smash DLC character according to the leaker that got Byleth

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