Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4 Week 1 Challenges

With this guide you’ll have your Week 1 challenges done in no time!

  1. Search chests at Dirty Docks. For this challenge just land at Dirty Docks and try searching as many chests as you can!
  2. Eliminate opponents at Holly Hedges. For this challenge just land at Holly Hedges and try killing as many people as you can, and don’t worry there is always people landing at Holly Hedges for you to eliminate.
  3. Gas up a vehicle at Lazy Lake. For this challenge land at Lazy Lake and try bring a car that has less than 100% fuel left to the gas station there to gas up.
  4. Eliminate Stark Robots at Quinjet Patrol Site (5) for this challenge land atone of the quinjet patrol sites and try killing all of the stark robots there
  5. Deal damage to opponents using the Stark Industries Energy Rifle (1000) for this challenge land at one of the quinjet patrol sites and then kill one of the Stark Robots, then get his Stark Industries Enegy Rifle and deal damage with it to the other Stark Robots, make sure that you finish them also with the rifle. With this method you can probably finish this challenge in one match.
  6. Collect Floating Rings at Misty Meadows. For this challenge land at Misty Meadows and try finding all of the rings. There is one ring on top of the clock tower. There is another at the covered picnic table on the roof, there is also on on top of the building that is very big. The last ring is on the roof of the house on the hill.
  7. The last challenge on this list is to kill Doctor Doom at Doom Domain 3 times. For this challenge land at Doom’s Domain and try finding Doctor Doom as fast as you can because a lot of other people are trying to finish this challenge as well. Once you find him try killing him as fast as you can, if you are playing with your friends and they kill him its fine too because it will also count for your challenge. Just keep doing this method until you have killed him 3 times.

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