Fortnite Week 3 Challenges

With this challenge guide you’ll have your Week 3 challenges done in no time!

  1. Collect floating rings at Lazy Lake (4) First land at Lazy Lake, then look for the floating rings, the first one is on top of the big tree, to get it just build up to it, the next one it near a toll post to get it just jump up, the next one is at the building at the very bottom of Lazy Lake, the last one is at a building in a corner to get it just build up to it
  2. Get eliminations at the Authority (3) for this challenge just land at the Authority and try getting as many eliminations as you can
  3. Destroy cars within 60 seconds of landing there from the bus (2) for this challenge land at Retail Row, once you are there land near the houses because there are many cars for you to break there. Make sure you try to break them as fast as you can because you only have 60 seconds to break both of them
  4. Dance on top of the crane at Rickety Rig, for this challenge land at Rickety Rig but make sure you land on top of the crane so that you can get your challenge done faster, once on top of the crane just do an emote and your challenge is completed
  5. Deal damage while inside the corn at Frenzy Farm (100) for this challenge i recommend landing in the corn near the barn since there is a chest there, once you have searched that chest stay inside the corn scouting for people and trying eliminate them till you have done the 100 damage and completed your challenge
  6. Land a chopper at the bottom Steamy Stacks, for this challenge get a chopper and try landing it at the very bottom of Steamy Stacks
  7. Search chests or ammo boxes at Misty Meadows (7) for this challenge just land at Misty Meadows and try searching as many chests and ammo boxes you can till you have completed your challenge

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