Fortnite Week 4 Challenges

Follow this guide and you’ll have your Week 4 Challenges done in no time!

  1. Search chests at Salty Springs (7) for this challenge you are required to search 7 chests at Salty Springs I recommend landing at the big gray house so that you can search 2-3 chests in just that house. Note that this may take you a couple matches to complete because many people like to land at Salty Springs and there aren’t many chests at that POI
  2. Collect floating rings at Pleasant Park (1) for this challenge just go on the zip line at Pleasant Park you will then see the trail of floating rings on all of the zip lines
  3. Search ammo boxes at Steamy Stacks (7) for this challenge land at Steamy Stacks and try to look and search for as many ammo boxes as you can
  4. Land at Frenzy Farm and place top 25 for this challenge just land at Frenzy Farm and try surviving as long as you can. I recommend completing this challenge in squads because you will only have to live till there are about 80 people left alive in the match
  5. Dance in front of the camera at Sweaty Sands for 10 seconds for this challenge land at Sweaty Sands and land at the dock, there you will see a camera, do an emote in front of it for 10 seconds to unsure that you complete your challenge
  6. Collect Metal from Rickety Rig (200) for this challenge land at Rickety Rig and farm as much metal as you can, don’t worry a lot of things are made of metal there so you should have no problem completing this challenge
  7. Get 3 eliminations at Holly Hedges, for this challenge land at Holly Hedges and try getting as many eliminations as you can, try doing this in squads so that more people will probably land there and you can get help from your teammates just in case you die or you need help

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