New Fortnite Vbuck Prices All Prices Lowered by 20% Permanently

Fortnite has officially lowered all the prices for vbucks, including the five dollar packs by 20% and these new prices are permanent. Another bonus is that if you bought vbucks from 7/14/2020 to 8/13/2020 you will get 20% of the vbucks that you bought sent back to you! It also doesn’t matter what platform your on Fortnite’s new prices are applied to all of them.

Here are the new prices

Old: 10$=1,000 vbucks New: 8$=1,000 vbucks

Old: 25$=2,800 vbucks New: 20$=2,800 vbucks

Old: 40$=5,000 vbucks New: 32$=5,000 vbucks

Old:100$=13,500 vbucks New 80$=13,500 vbucks

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