#FreeFortnite Cup Free Skin!

There’s is going to be a another tournament where you can win a free skin!

On August 23 2020 is the #FreeFortnite Cup, where you can win the new Tart Tycoon skin and other cool rewards. Apart from the Tart Tycoon skin you can also get an adjustable hat the says #FreeFortnite. and some other cool things. This tournament is happening because of the whole Fortnite vs Apple situation, where Apple removed Fortnite from all IOS devices. Which means that all players that play Fortnite on an apple device cannot update their game and will not be able to play Chapter 2 Season 4. So that is why this tournament is happening. Here is what I think about the Tart Tycoon skin, the whole skin is black and white and has a suit and as its head it is an apple with glasses. I think this skin looks okay but it definitely is hilarious.

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