Possible Leaked Chapter 2 Season 3 Theme and Cosmetics

With season 4 around the corner here are some leaks. Note, if some of these are not true Fortnite may have changed their plans

With season 3 ending on August 27 2020 their have been leaks of some cosmetics and maybe the theme of the season 4 battlepass. Many people are speculating that the theme for the season 4 battle pass is going to be Marvel or superhero themed. Now I’m actually getting a little tired of all the collabs in fortnite, I liked that you could get all the superheroes like Aquaman or Deadpool but I liked when you didn’t know what the secret skin was till the end of the season and that it mostly pertained to the story of Fortnite that season. But still I guess a Marvel themed battlepass wouldn’t be so bad like maybe we could get a Spiderman skin or a Black Panther skin. Another leak is that there may be a Thor skin in season 4. I think that this is possible because at the end of the Captain America trailer in fortnite you could see the Thor bifrost at the end.

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