How To Complete Doom’s Awakening Challenges

This season to get every built-in emote for all of the marvel battlepass skins you must complete a set of 3 challenges. Luckily most of these challenges are easy, so here are Doctor Doom’s. Make sure you are wearing the Doctor Doom skin for all of these challenges.

  1. Visit Doctor Doom’s Statue as Doctor Doom. You can find Doctor Doom’s statue in the very middle of Doom’s Domain, just in case you really don’t know its a very big silver statue of Doctor Doom.
  2. Visit a Giant Throne as Doctor Doom. You can find this throne on a hill to the southeast of Retail Row. The throne is a group of big trees and rocks that makes a giant throne
  3. Emote as Doctor Doom during a Victory Royale. For this challenge just go into Team Rumble and win the match, when and if you do when you try doing an emote the only emote you should see is the Victory Von Doom built-in emote. Once you do it you have finished the Doctor Doom’s Awakening Challenges and you have received the Victory Von Doom built-in emote!

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