Leaked New Silver, Gold, and Holo Foil Edit Styles For All Battlepass Skins

According to some leakers there may be a silver, gold, and holo foil edit style for all the battlepass skins these styles can be earned by reaching levels over level 100. For example the level you have to get to earn all of the silver, gold, and holo foil edit styles for all the skins is level 220. This will definitely be a grind for the people who really want to get all of the edit styles. Here is what level you need to get for all the styles for all of the skins.

  1. Thor. Silver (105), Gold (145), Holo (185)
  2. Jennifer Walters/She-Hulk. Silver (110), Gold (150), Holo (190)
  3. Groot. Silver (115), Gold (155), Holo (195)
  4. Storm. Silver (120), Gold (160), Holo (200)
  5. Dr. Doom. Silver (125), Gold (165), Holo (205)
  6. Mystique. Silver (130), Gold (170), Holo (210)
  7. Tony Stark/Ironman. Silver (135), Gold (175), Holo (215)
  8. Wolverine. Silver (140), Gold (180), Holo (220)

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