New Creative Challenges In Fortnite

Lately in fortnite we got new challenges for the Spy Within map in creative that has a matchmaking feature. This map has been really popular with the community because it is a remake of the viral game Among Us but in fortnite. So now there are challenges where you can earn some Christmas themed rewards for free if you just complete them in that gamemode. One challenge is where you have to just complete 25 tasks in the mode and you will get the Jingle Wing glider that is a nice metallic red and gold. Next, if you manage to play 5 full games you will earn the Wrapping Caper backbling that is just a metallic red wrapping paper that has some gold and green things on it too. Finally is eliminate 3 players in Spy Within matches which will give you a music pack the way to complete this challenge is if you get the spy role which is really rare you need to eliminate 3 players, since there are 10 people in each match and most will not be the spy there is a really low chance of getting the spy role so if you get it just try to kill 3 people in just one match. If you complete all 3 of the challenges you will get the a style for the backboard backbling that has a really nice color scheme. All in all these rewards are really nice and I think that it is worth it to complete these challenges.

Sorry I already did the other challenges but if you haven’t they will show up for you in your game

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