All Mythic Bosses and Their Mythic Weapons

There are 3 Mythic Bosses in Fortnite Currently and they all drop 2 weapons and a vault keycard, Here we are going to talk about all of them.

#1 Jules. Jules is a Mythic Boss who is at the Authority, she is also a battlepass skin and you can get her once you reach level 40. Her mythic weapons are the Jules’ Drumgun and Jules’ Grappler. Her drumgun is not very good and is pretty much less strong than a epic or legendary P-90 or Epic or Legendary Burst SMG, But her grapple gun is really good and i always pick it up when i have the chance.

#2 Ocean. You can find Ocean at the Fortilla. She is a battlepass skin and you can get her when you reach level 1. Her mythic weapons are the Ocean’s Burst Assault Rifle and Ocean’s Chug Jug. Her burst assault rifle is strong and pretty good but her Chug Jug i think takes to long for you to drink.

#3 Kit. The last Mythic boss is Kit he is at Catty Corner and you can get him when you reach level 60 in the battlepass. His mythic weapons are the Kit’s Charge Shotgun and Kit’s Grenade Launcher. I think that these are the best mythics in the game right now, his shotgun is super strong and his grenade launcher is really good for movement and good plays. So if you have the chance definitely pick them both up

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