Fortnite Week 9 Challenges

This weeks challenges are incredibly easy and with this guide you’ll get them done in no time!

  1. Search chests at Pleasant Park, this challenge is easy just land at Pleasant Park and search chests there. There should be a couple chests in every house.
  2. Eliminations at the Fortilla. This challenge is easy you don’t even have to kill actual people you can just kill the henchman they also count.
  3. Gas up a car at Catty Corner. you can either gas up a car that is already at the Catty Corner POI or just land somewhere else and drive the car there to gas it up.
  4. Stoke campfires at Camp Cod (3) For this challenge land at Camp Cod and either go to one campfire and stoke it 3 times or go to 3 separate ones and stoke them all once. I would recommend doing the first option because it is faster
  5. Collect metal at Hydro 16 (200) for this challenge just land at Hydro 16 and farm 200 metal this is probably the easiest challenge on this list
  6. Kill henchman or marauders (7) for this challenge just try to land at a POI with henchman and try killing as many as you can in every match till you finish this challenge.
  7. The last challenge on this list is to kill 70 henchman or marauders this challenge may take you a while for this challenge just land at a POI with a lot of henchman and try killing as many as you can and also when you see marauders always try to kill them all And also dont worry you can play with 4 of your friends and every henchman or marauder each of you kill will contribute to completing your challenge. Keep in mind this challenge is worth 80,000 xp

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