Fortnite Week 8 Challenges

Fortnite week eight challenges are actually pretty easy and with this guide you have them done way faster.

  1. Eliminations at Salty Springs (3) for this challenge just land at Salty Springs and just try to eliminate as many players as you can
  2. Collect Wood at Holly Hedges (500) for this challenge just land or rotate to Holly Hedges once you are there try to farm as much wood as you can there till you have completed this challenge
  3. Deal damage to an opponent from inside a vehicle (1) for this challenge go inside of a car and either run someone over or shoot them out of the window of your car
  4. Complete the time trial at Motorboat Mayhem (1) Head over to Motorboat Mayhem which is near Hydro 16 and Misty Meadows and get a boat, once you have stop your boat in front of the stoplight, when it is a green light go there will be a bunch of blue circles for you to jump your boat through
  5. Search chests at Frenzy Farm (7) for this challenge you are required to search 7 chests at Frenzy Farm I recommend landing at the top of the house there, there are a lot of chests in the attic
  6. Drive a car from Retail Row to Pleasant Park in less than 4 minutes. For this challenge land at Retail Row and get a car once you have just drive straight to Pleasant Park I recommend picking up a gas can to bring with you just in case you run out of gas on the way there
  7. The last challenge on this list is deal damage to opponents while inside a car (10000) for this challenge i would recommend getting a car and driving to a place that has henchman once you do shoot them out the side of your car that should really help you finish this challenge, also you should try killing marauders with your car they also count for your challenge and don’t worry for this challenge if you are playing with your friends whatever damage they in a car will also contribute to your challenge . Keep in mind that this challenge is the only one worth 80000 xp.

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