Fortnite Week 7 Challenges

Week 7 challenges are pretty hard but with this guide you’ll get them done in no time

  1. Collect balls of yarn from Catty Corner (3) for this challenge just land at Catty and look for the balls of yarn, there should be one near the stairs at the gas station, one at the second level of the gas station, and one near the cat toy near the central aspect of Catty
  2. Collect stone from Rapids Rest (300) for this challenge land at Rapids Rest once there try farming as much wood as you can, and don’t worry there are a lot of rocks there
  3. Gain health or shields from Slurpy Swamp (100) for this challenge land at Slurpy Swamp and either break slurp barrels or go into the lake which gives you 1 hp about every second
  4. Eliminate 5 opponents, for this challenge I recommend going into Team Rumble it will be much easier to do this challenge
  5. Collect floating rings at Weeping Woods (5) for this challenge you need to get the floating rings at Weeping Woods, all the rings are place on top of a tree so to get them you can either build up to the top of the tree or use a helicopter and land on top of the tree
  6. Search chests at Retail Row (7) for this challenge land at Retail Row and land at the houses once there look for the chests, there should always be a couple chests in every house
  7. The last challenge on this list is to kill 50 opponents i recommend going into Team Rumble to complete this challenge, but if you want to complete this in a real match i recommend squading up with your friends because every kill that they get will also contribute to completing your challenge. Keep in mind this challenge is worth 80000 xp

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