Should You Rush Your Enemies or Play the Long Game?

When you play Fortnite, you usually have two options. You can rush into your opponents or you can play the long game, stay hidden and loot to create the perfect loadout. These are all valid options, but they do bring varied degrees of success. The idea here is to figure out what approach works well for you and adapt that to your own gaming experience if you can.

Ideally you want to have a sniper rifle, a shotgun and maybe some SMG too. You will also need to get a medkit and shields, just to be safe. This way you will have a good loadout that will eventually help you deal with ani challenge that comes in your way.

The best thing you can do is to land in a place where there aren’t a lot of people. Usually that’s where you are unable to find enough loot, but then again you can explore a lot easier since there aren’t a lot of people trying to kill you.

 Make sure that you keep an eye on the circle. You always want to stay within the circle limits, otherwise it will be super hard to stay alive, so consider that as much as you can. When you get close to the final circles, the best thing you can do is to get some sort of hiding spot and crouch. It will make it hard for people to see you, but you will see them and that means you will have a fighting chance when they attack.

Of course, you can go guns blazing and call it a day. In this case, you want to disorient the opponents by moving all the time and destroying their structures as much as possible. Using a variety of weapons and switching between them often will help you immensely as well. The idea is to know how and when to change weapons, how to attack and what type of approach you need to get in that regard. In case the enemy tries to build up or around you, then you have to focus on keeping the enemy at your level or below.

Another good thing you can do if you play the rush game is to not let the enemy any time to reshield or heal. They will just have to constantly shoot around, trying to get a hit. It can become a chore, but then again it’s the type of thing that can make the gameplay a whole lot more challenging every time you play.

At the end of the day, it’s up to you to choose the way you play and how you adapt your style to the gameplay experience. For the most part Fortnite is still very easy to play through just because it has a plethora of unique mechanics and locations. A lot of people get far by playing the long game and hiding, but if you have a good set of skills and a proper loadout, you can also go guns blazing and still gain a lot of fun and kills from the experience!

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