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The new overwatch hero has finally been released on competitive and I thought it’s about time to tell you guys what each ability does and the base stats on each ability. Ashe is categorized as a DPS (damage hero). Once you pick her up you will agree. The current argument is that she has bumped McCree off the wagon for the new hitscan character to play. Let me know what you think in the comments down below if you think McCree is still viable or not.


Her real name is Elizabeth Caledonia Ashe. She is the current leader of the Deadlock Gang, which was created by her, Jesse McCree, and two others. Her parents were some of the most powerful CEO’s in the world. Instead of following her parents’ footsteps, she became one of the strongest criminal leaders in the world. Though her parents paid little attention to her as a child, they mostly left her in the care of the family’s omnic butler, B.O.B. The omnic butler would later become a member of the Deadlock Gang as well. She eventually called together heads of other major criminal gang organizations to put together a truce amongst the other gangs (or at least stop attacking one another). Now she is at the top of the authorities most wanted list where she continues to make a legacy for herself.


The Viper: Ashe’s semi-automatic rifle. Which has two forms of fire: A primary fire that shoots rapidly from the hip at reduced damage, and an ADS (aim-down-sight) secondary fire that deals more damage at a much lower fire rate.

Type: Semi-automatic hitscan

Damage: 20 – 40

Falloff range:20 to 40 meters

Spread angle Max: 1.85 degrees

Rate of fire: 4 rounds per second

Ammo: 12 rounds

Reload time: 0.5 seconds (initial animation) +0.3 seconds per bullet. 4.25 seconds to fully reload the weapon.


Dynamite:  Ashe throws dynamite that explodes after a short amount of time or once it is shot. The explosion also lights enemies on fire (and herself), dealing damage.


Explosion: 30 – 75

Burn: 100

Self: 50%

Area of effect: 5 meters

Casting time: 2 seconds

Duration: 5 seconds (burn)

Cooldown: 10 seconds


Coach Gun: Ashe has a second gun that once she shoots will knock her back and kock back any nearby enemies that.  This ability is also used for added mobility.

 Damage: 6 per pellet

90 per shot

Max. range: 9 meters (self-knock back)

Num. of pellets: 15

Cooldown: 10 seconds


B.O.B: Ashes ultimate ability, she summons her trusted sidekick (bob) who chargers forward and knocks enemies into the air, then starts suppressing fire with his arm cannons on any nearby enemies.

Bob Health: 1200


Charge: 120

Arm Cannon: 112 per second, 14 per bullet, 1092 overall

Rate of fire: 8 bullets per second

Duration: 10 seconds (after collision)

Charge required: 2000 points

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