Overwatch Tips and Strategies

Overwatch tips to help you start a winning streak

Overwatch is one of the most popular games right now, and for a very good reason. It has dozens of characters to choose from, and each one comes with its own play style. Not only that, but there are different objectives on the game maps, which also make the entire experience very rewarding and interesting every time you choose to play the game. But how can you start getting that much-needed win streak?

Communicate with your team

Getting a microphone is very important. Ideally this is a game you play with friends, but even if you play with randoms, it’s still important to communicate with your team and create a strategy. That’s what will ultimately lead you to your win.

Stick to the win condition

There are lots of people that just go randomly and kill enemies. Most maps have an objective, such as moving the payload or capturing objectives. All these things are super important, so you do need to take that into account.

Vary the characters you use

Don’t just learn how to play a single character. Overwatch is all about variation, and mastering a variety of characters will eventually help you win a lot faster. Ideally you want to make sure that you master at least 2 defense characters, 2 attack characters, 2 tanks and 2 support characters. This way you will have a good alternative no matter what game you play.

Move all the time

No matter what character you play, the last thing you want is to stay in a single place. Ideally you want to move all the time and change your position. That’s especially true when you have a hero such as Bastion which is easy to target while immobile. Moving all the time will make it hard for others to target you, so keep that in mind.

Use the Arcade mode to train

You can gain loot boxes there, plus it offers you a way to train without losing a rank. Sure, you can go with quickplay for training, but the Arcade mode is better since it has new objectives and some unique game modes. You can even create custom games if you want, which is nice.

Don’t use your ultimate right away

Every hero has an ultimate, but many teams lose because players don’t use that ultimate at the right time. What you have to learn from this is that using your ultimate properly can help you make a difference. Ideally you want to use the ultimate when you know you can eliminate at least 1-2 enemies right away. Mastering the use of an ultimate attack is one of the things that will eventually make you an Overwatch pro!

As you can see, mastering the attacks and learning how to play each character is very important when you play Overwatch. The game is super fun, but it can also be frustrating if you don’t play as a team. So you do need to take your time and adjust or adapt as much as you can. Once you do that, nothing will be able to stand in your way!

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