Supporting Basics Ep1

Supporting in Smite


So you want to get better at supporting? Do you want to get blamed for almost every death that happens on your team? Whether you want to become a support main or you got stuck with the role in a conquest. I’ll be running through some basics on how to support and what supporting is.  



GENERAL OVERVIEW OF THE ROLESupports are easily the most unthanked, unappreciated and unrecognized role in conquest, especially in solo queues. Nothing is more annoying then helping in a team fight. Just to hear your teammate gloat about how he got a triple kill when you busted your ass to basically hand them the triple on a silver platter.  Supporting is like working in a Nascar pit stop. You change tires, gas up the car, check the engine, give the Nascar driver whatever he needs to win. Then the driver is the guy who pops the champagne bottle on top of the car that you were working on. Being a better support calls for that extra behind the scenes work just to get your team the win. In all seriousness, a reliable support can turn a good team into a great team.

As I complained earlier, a good support is selfless. You need to think more about your team rather than yourself. You should allow your teammates to get the final kill on enemies. Do Not Kill Steal. You want to make your teams life as easy going as possible. You should help your team gain as much gold and XP as you can without taking any for yourself. If you watch some of my videos as a support you will notice that I will damage enemy minions and creeps all the way until they have a small amount of health. This allows the carry to get the final hit on the minion or creep. Getting a final hit on a minion or creep will grant the person who got the final hit more gold than the person who got the assist. One last tip for this part, get a better understanding of all the characters in the game. Knowing an enemy characters strengths and weaknesses can give you an extra edge on knowing what to do.

Hopefully, the better you get. the more your team will recognize you and give you that “thank you” call out after they did something stupid and you managed to unfuck their fuck up. Nothing will warm a guardians heart more than a simple thank you.

SUPPORT CHARACTER SELECTION: when selecting a character for the role I recommend looking though the guardian page first. The guardian class is the best support class in the game, with the exception to some warriors and assassins. Guardians have the best base stats that best suit the role. Guardians have high stats in base physical protection, magical protection, and HP5(health per second). If you are a beginner I recommend starting with guardians. Some guardians that I recommend to play first when supporting are Athena, Ymir, Geb, and Ganesh. These guardians have a lot of abilities in their kit that will make it easier to protect and server your team.



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