Medusa Build Guide

Medusa Build Guide:

This guide is current for season 5 patch 5.12, however it will remain mostly relative as her build
has stayed relatively constant. This build will be a little agressive, but if you can secure early kills
it is easy to steamroll your opponents. Medusa is a heavy hitting hunter for this season and is a
great choice for a fun casual or a ranked, if she doesn’t get banned. Medusa is a great pick for
multiple game modes and is definitely a great god to master. She has high mobility, great lane
clear but she is a bit squishy and is mana hungry.
Choosing the proper abilities is very important and Medusa’s line ability is always going to be
built first. Her line is her 2 ability and is called acid spray which sprays acid out in a line dealing
massive damage, if used on a statue from her ultimate it will explode as well. After building that
put a point into her 3 ability. The 3 ability is a dash that is called lacerate. Lacerate is great for
retreating from a fight but it can also be used offensively as dashing into an enemy will root
them and cause damage. For the third level put the point into acid spray again as this will give
great early game lane clear. For the fourth point put it into Medusa’s 1 ability which is called
viper shot. Viper shot increases Medusas attack speed and damage and causes a poison to the
enemy god hit. This ability is a buff for the basic attack and shoots 3 times at first and 4 times at
the 4th and 5th point into this ability. At level 5 it is time to put a point into Medusa’s ultimate
ability, which is her big god killer. Her ultimate is called petrify and enemy gods who look at
Medusa when this is cast are turned to stone and dealt alot of damage, pairing this with acid
spray and viper shot deals a devestating blow to enemy gods. If the enemy god is not looking at
Medusa they take 75% of the damage and are slowed. For the next levels build as many points
as you can into acid spray and petrify while putting additional points into viper shot when
needed. Lacerate should have points put into it when there is no other choice of places to place
Medusa’s item build is important as she needs to gain that early game lead to steamroll the
enemy team. The hunter starter item is a good choice to play with Medusa and it is up to your
own preference wether you prefer to build bloodforge or warriors tabi along with it. Warriors
tabi will give you an earlier movement speed boost while bloodforge gives the user lifesteal as
well as the shield bonus upon a kill when fully built. Purchase potions as needed. Once those
three items are built the next item to buy is crusher as it gives Medusa penetration as well as
additional damage from ability attacks, which are her main sources of damage. After crusher
start the build for death bringer as it gives Medusa a huge power boost as well as increases her
critical strike chance. After that purchase wind demon as it increases Medusa’s power, crit
chance and her attack speed. In the same tree is the item poisoned star which also increases
power crit chance and attack speed, it also applies a debuff to enemy gods hit by her abilities.
Purchase this item next, however depending on your gold situtation you may purchase this
before wind demon. Once you have the extra money in late game sell the starter item and
replace it with executioner which increases the gods attack speed and power. With any
remaining gold in late game purchase power buff potions as possible. The relics you choose are always to your discretion but I recommend buying Aegis amulet and purification beads. Purchase purification beads first if a god like Ares or Cernunnos is in your lane.

With an early game gold and XP advantage Medusa can easily steamroll the enemy team leading
to an easy victory. By pairing her ultimate with her damaging abilities any squishy god can easily
be killed. Be carefull to not dash into an enemy god if you are using it as an escape as this will
stop you in their place and could easily lead to a death.


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