Bellona Build Guide

Bellona Build Guide:

Bellona is a great choice for any game mode. The goddess of war has a strong presence in solo
lane, holds her own in arena, and can take the place of a guardian on joust. She is a very
balanced god and always a good choice for somebody learning the role of a warrior. She is a fun
time and great in team fights.
Bellona has some great abilities starting with her passive. Her passive is called Master of War
and every time she hits or gets hit she gains a movement speed buff as well as a stack of
protections. You could build a full power build and she would still be tanky enough to hold her
own in a late game team fight. The first ability to buy is her 2, bludgeon, this ability has Bellona
swing her hammer in a circle then jump in the air and slam it down for additional damage. This
ability also increases in damage for each god hit, her hammer remains her basic attack weapon
until another ability is used or she leaves combat. After that put a point into her 3, scourge, this
is a line ability that hits the enemy for damage and gives Bellona healing this ability also disarms
enemy gods hit. Bellona keeps the whip from scourge as her weapon until she uses another
ability or leaves combat. After this put a point into her 1, shield bash, this is a cone ability that
does damage and applies a slow. This ability also has a short ranged dash that can be used to
charge into battle or as a short ranged escape. At level 4 put another point into bludgeon. Level
5 is time to put points into her ultimate ability, eagles rally. For this ability Bellona jumps in the
air and plants a flag where you land her that damages enemy gods hit. Inside the radius of the
flag allied gods recieving increased protections and power. Enemy gods hit by the ultimate are
stunned and that is a good time for Bellona to hit them with Bludgeon to deal a good amount of
damage. For the rest of the game put points into bludgeon and eagles rally as you can while
putting the aditional points into the other abilties as you see fit.
The first items to buy for Bellona are the Warriors blessing starting item, as this will give her
good early game sustain, as well as the first tier of warrior tabi. It is also a good idea to buy
chalice of healing so you do not have to waste gold on potions throughout the game. After
warriors tabi buy gladiators shield as this provides Bellona with a power buff, protections and
provides additional healing when you use abilities. Next purchase mystical mail as this increases
her protections and health, the passive for this item also deals magical damage in an area
around the god. After this item is finished purchase pestilence as this will give Bellona magical
protections, health, and reduces enemy healing. Midgardians mail should be purchased next
which gives Bellona increased physical protections, health, and has a passive that decreases
enemy gods attack speed and movement speed. For that last slot purchase mantle of discord as
this item increases both physical and magical protections and also decreases cooldown times.
This item also has a passive that activates if you take damage while below 30% health that stuns
enemies for 1 second. Once you have enough gold in late game sell the starter item and replace
it with crusher, this will increase your damage and penetration and also adds additional damage
to ability attacks which will give you a nice edge in team based fights. Relics are up to your
discretion but teleport glyph is suggested for solo lane as it allows a quick return to lane after
recalling back to the well. Thorns is also a good relic as it will return a percentage of damage taken to the enemy and this can work out well with Bellonas tankiness. Aegis amulet and beads can also be purchased if needed. For a real team boost belt of frenzy can be purchased to give the team additional damage, attack speed, and penetration during team fights.

With the proper build Bellona can be a real nuisance on the field and her tankiness and sustain
can become a real problem if left untapped. Be careful getting poked by ranged gods as well as
getting silenced during ability attacks by gods like Nox as this could put a real damper on your


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