Apollo Build/Item Guide

This guide is current for Season 5.

Apollo is a great god for beginners to Master as his abilities aren’t difficult to grasp and he is a relatively easy God to play, he actually was my first diamond god! He is squishy though so try not to be too offensive as you will end up dead, but do not worry as he has a great kit for escaping!

Apollos passive ability is audacity, which activates after 10 successful basic attacks increasing his attack speed by 100% for his next 5 basic attacks. This is great for tearing down both enemy gods and enemy towers, especially late game.

Apollos first ability is a line ability called So Beautiful, this ability goes out in a line dealing damage to all enemies in his path.

Apollos second ability is Serenade, this is an area ability that when cast applies a stun to enemies within its radius around Apollo, this also applies physical protections to Apollo. The mesmerize will break if any damage is done to an enemy. This ability can be used to stun a fleeing enemy enough to hurt them with So Beautiful. It can also be used to stun attacking enemies if Apollo needs to escape.

Apollos third ability is a dash called The Moves, when activated Apollo will slide in the direction you are facing and if he connects with an enemy god he will deal damage to them. This can be used as an escape or as an offensive move by dashing in on an enemy, applying serenade, then dealing even more damage with So Beautiful.

Apollos Ultimate ability is called Across The Sky, this ability charges up and lunges Apollo into a chariot into the sky where can he fly all over the map as long as he has mana, this ability costs 40 mana per second so make sure to watch it. When Apollo chooses to land down he will apply damage as he lands, and on the last tick an enemy god will be knocked up. This can be used as an escape if needed, a quick way into the battlefield, a finishing blow on a fleeing enemy, or in some rare cases a way to quickly kill a Titan that almost died but the team could not finish it ( be careful many have died by trying to finish off a Titan too late).

At level 1 place points into So Beautiful, then Serenade at level 2. Put another point into So Beautiful at level 3 as this will allow crucial early wave clear. At level 4 put a point into The Moves, and level up your ultimate ability at level 5. For the rest of the points first focus your points on So Beautiful as this deals the most damage safely, then focus on Serenade as the mesmerize and protections are useful. Next focus putting points into his ultimate as it is not as useful as an early game damage dealer. The final ability you should put points into is The moves. If used in succession Apollo’s abilities paired with his passive can deal massive damage.

Just like most hunters it is important to gain an early lead on the enemy to become a monster on the field. To start build the hunter starter item as this is needed to in season 5, it is almost mandatory at this point. Next begin to buy bloodforge as this will give Apollo lifesteal, and this items passive gives the user a nice shield for 20 seconds after getting a kill. This can allow Apollo to go in for a kill in a dangerous area, as long as he secures it the shield paired with his escape kit works out nicely. After that purchase Warriors Tabi as this give Apollo much needed movement speed as well as power. Next purchase Odysseus Bow as this gives Apollo increased attack speed, which pairs well with his passive, and it also applied a lightning attack after 4 successful basic attack hits that deals damage to enemy gods and minions. The next item to purchase is Titans Bane as this increases both physical power and penetration which gives great poke against enemy tanks. After this purchase Death Bringer to give a massive buff to Apollo’s power and critical strike chance. Purchase Qin’s Sais after this to further increase both attack speed and power. Finally sell the starter item and replace it with Rage to give Apollo insane critical strike chances that can be used late game to decimate enemy squishy enemies. Relics are always up to each persons discretion but I suggest purification beads and Aegis shield with Apollo to enhance his escape kit even more. Always purchase potions as needed, and have fun burning down enemies with this god!


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