Osiris Abilities Guide

Smite guide: Osiris, The broken god of the afterlife

Osiris is a physical warrior god. Osiris is a hard god to master but once you get the hang of him he will be a lot of fun to play. This guide is for the season 5, patch 5.12. This warrior, in my opinion, is the tankiest warrior. Once you get to the mid game stage he should be able to scrap very hard for a long time in any team fight. He is a hybrid between an ability-based god and a basic attack god. As you get better at Osiris you want to sneak in some basic attacks in-between abilities to increase your overall DPS.

For Osiris abilities, lets first talk about his passive ability called fragmented. For each time Osiris uses an ability he gains a stack towards his passive ability. Using his 1,2, or 3, adds a stack (max stack = 8). For each stack he also gains mitigation’s 2% physical and 1% magical. At max stacks, he gains the ability to use basic attacks without suffering any movement penalties. This effect lasts for only 6 SUCCESSFUL basic attacks. After the 6th successful basic attacks Osiris will drop back to 0 stacks on his passive. One of the most fun passives in the game because once you are at 8 stacks you can literally basic attack nonstop while its active. As long as you don’t hit anything. you can walk around the jungle or on your way to lane while swinging away at nothing and still be moving at full speed.

The way you level your abilities as Osiris should be equal to your play style and item building. For instance, when I play my Osiris I like to level up his 1 ability first because it allows be to box in lane against the enemy solo at the beginning of the match. Which brings me to his 1 ability, sickle strike. Osiris throws a ghost sickle at any enemy dealing damage. Causing a 20% slow for 3 seconds.

His next ability is spirit flail which is a damaging ground target ability (2 ability) great for clearing wave. Enemy’s hit by his 2 ability take damage and Osiris gains a movement speed buff. Additionally, if an enemy is under the Sickle Strike effect, the target’s slow is increased in power and duration. Sickle slow increase: 40% for 3s and speed buff: 20% for 3. So, you want to land your 1 ability and follow up with the 2 ability.

Osiris’s 3 ability is judgment tether (your ultimate ability). This ability tethers any god within 30 units. Any enemy god that is tethered reduces the damage that you take by a certain percentage for each level for a duration of 4 seconds. At the end of the 4 seconds, any enemy god that is still tethered to Osiris will be stunned for 1.4 seconds. Be careful because if an enemy god get too far away from Osiris then the tether will break, and the enemy god will not be stunned.

Osiris’s 4 ability is lord of the afterlife. This is a leap ability. Osiris leaps on to his enemies and deals damage. After casting this ability, Osiris immediately gains max stacks on his passive ability. Any enemy’s hit by his ability is rooted for 0.4 seconds. additionally, all gods hit by this ability will receive no healing for 6 seconds.

If an enemy is using an escape ability to get out of your tether ability (your 3 ability) and is low on health. I like to use my ultimate ability leap on them causing the root and almost always guaranteeing the follow up stun provided by the 3 ability. After the stun you should use your 1 and 2 abilities to stick to them like glue.

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