Smite Guide for Cupid


Smite Guide: Cupid The God of Love

Cupid is a great God to really get your feet wet in the hunter class and is an awesome ADC. Cupid may be the cute little chubby God of Love but if built correctly he can definitely pack a punch. This guide is current for season 5 patch 5.12 however cupids build and play style rarely changes which is what makes him a great god for beginners to master. But be warned he is squishy so be careful of mages as they will burn him down, especially He-Bo (one of the most broken gods in the game right now).

              Purchasing your abilities in the correct order is just as important as what items you purchase. Your first three levels you will want to purchase your abilities in the order of 1,3,2. The 1 ability is a line attack called “Heart Bomb”, for this ability cupid shoots a heart at an enemy that deals damage on impact, slows the enemy and then detonates, all for increasing power as you level up the ability. This ability is also powered up with cupid’s passive, after 5 consecutive hits this ability will now stun upon detonation. The next ability, the 3, is your escape and is called flutter. This ability is important to have as it will allow you to get out of a situation as needed. Within the dash radius cupid leaves behind a movement speed buff and this increases as you increase the level of this ability. The 2 ability is a heal, cupid drops 3 hearts that can heal himself and teammates for a small amount of health, if a teammate picks up a heart cupid receives mana back. The heal and mana return increases as you level up this ability. The next ability you should level up (at level 4) is the heart bomb. Once you reach level 5 you need to put that point into cupids ultimate ability which is called “Fields of love”. Fields of love drops an area of effect ability on the field that slows and mesmerizes enemies, and once the arrows cupid shoots down expand they explode dealing damage. This ability is also buffed by having your passive ability stacked. Partnering the ultimate ability with heart bomb deals devastating damage that can kill other squishy characters. Now you should level up heart bomb and fields of love as much as you can until you reach level 20. You can choose if you would rather increase your healing or your dash ability based on the current game situation as well as what your preference is.

              Buying the correct items is integral for success as cupid, for this build we will be focusing on a critical attack heavy play style. The first item you will want to build is transcendence as this will give you physical power, mana, MP5, and cooldown reductions. The next item to build is ninja tabai which provides physical power, attack speed, movement speed, and mana. The next item to build is Jotunn’s wrath as this gives you much needed penetration, physical power, cooldown reductions and mana. The next item to buy is bloodforge, this item gives you lifesteal and physical power, it also provides a nice shield after killing an enemy that can be crucial to staying alive after getting a kill. The next item to buy is poisoned star which provides cupid with increases in physical power, attack speed, and critical strike chance. To complete the build purchase executioner as this increases physical power and critical strike chance. Once all items are purchase cupid can be an unstoppable force. It is important to get a level lead early in the game as well as secure early kills as that allows cupid to steamroll the enemy team, and the greater the level difference the greater cupid becomes. The damage camp, fire giant and bull demon buffs all give cupid an extra power nudge that can uneven an otherwise level game. It is also important to purchase power potions late game as they will also help cupid with extra physical power.

              Cupid is a great god but be careful not to get out leveled as he is already squishy and can get easily killed if you fall behind.


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