Ah Muzen Cab Build/Item Guide

This guide is current for season 5


 Ah Muzen Cab, informally known as AMC (that is how I will refer to him in this guide), is a super fun hunter to play and if he is built correctly he can wreak havoc in any game mode. The god of bees has a lot of sustain and has great poke potential but be careful because he can be burnt down quick if you make a bad mistake.

 AMC’s passive ability is Bees! Bees! Can be applied by using AMC’s other abilities to afflict an enemy, afflicted enemies are affected every 0.5 seconds for 3 seconds with damage, their location is also shown on the minimap. Bees! Can be passed to other enemies if they get close enough to eachother.

 AMC’s first ability is Hive, where his bees swarm at a target location and create a hive. This hive is a home to his Bees! Ability, the hive also provides a movement speed and attack speed buff to AMC while he remains in it’s radius. The Hive also heals AMC for a small amount while he remains in the hives radius. These hives also act as a small ward that can show enemy gods locations. The hives can only be destroyed with an enemy gods basic attack.

 AMC’s second ability is Swarm. When AMC uses swarm he summons a swarm of his bees that fly in a line in front of him, these bees deal damage as well as apply Bees! To his enemies.

 AMC’s third ability is Honey, where he sprays honey at a moveable ground location that will slow all enemies in the area. Bees! Will swarm to the honey and be applied to enemy gods stuck in the honey. The Bees! Can either be applied by having a hive in the radius or using the swarm ability.

 AMC’s ultimate ability is Stinger. AMC fires his stinger that will deal massive damage to all enemies in a line, sticking to the first god that he hits, applying a cripple and Bees! Either after 3 seconds, or if the enemy dies AMC’s stinger will fall to the ground and if he picks it up it gives his ultimate a DRASTIC decrease in cooldown time. Grabbing the stinger is integral to poking massive damage to the enemies.

 By using AMC’s hives for sustain as well as Bees! Application in combination with swarm and honey AMC can easily destroy enemy gods and his stinger is a great way to finish them off.

 Build your abilities in the following order: First level swarm, second level honey, third level hive, fourth level swarm, then at level 5 put the point into your ultimate. After this focus your points on swarm and stinger putting points into hive when needed. Put points into honey last.

 AMC’s item build is important as he has great steamroll potential. I personally think it is important to always start with the hunters starting item as well as some form of boots. Finish Warrior Tabi as this will give you the movement speed a hunter needs as well as power. Next work into transcendence as AMC can be very mana hungry, you will most likely need more mana potions until this is built as his hive does give the passive healing. After transcendence is complete purchase Qin’s Sai’s as this will increase his attack speed and power. The next item to purchase will either be Rage or Titans Bane ( depending on the enemy gods physical defense). Building Rage increases power and critical strike chance (this item also stacks with basic hits increasing the chance of a critical attack up to 5 stacks). Titans bane will increase physical penetration and power. The next item I would purchase would be Deathbringer as this greatly increases power and critical strike chance. Once you have enough gold sell the starter item and replace it with an item of your choice that will help with the current game situation. The executioner is always a good choice as that is even more power for AMC to capitalize on. Relics are always up to each players discretion but Purification Beads first and then Speed boots second is a great combination since AMC has no escape this will allow you to get out of a sticky situation.

 Overall AMC is a great hunter and a fun time. He has amazing sustain and awesome poking ability. If he is allowed to take a gold and level lead on an enemy he can be extremely overpowered. His hive ability is also an amazing free ward that helps the team have eyes on the field.

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