Artemis Build/Item Guide

This guide is current for Season 5


Artemis is the Greek Goddess of the hunt, she is a physical ranged character. She has the ability to destroy enemies at a high rate of speed, however she lacks an escape, so she can be easily defeated herself. With the right build and a bit of skill she is a great character to play.

Artemis’ passive ability is Still Target, this gives Artemis a 15% increase in basic attack damage as well as a 30% increase to minions who are currently afflicted by a crowd control. This DOES NOT include knockbacks or grabs.

Artemis’ first ability is a trap called Transgressors Fate, she places this trap on the ground and if an enemy god walks over it they will be both rooted and crippled. This trap also does damage for 3 seconds and the root does not cancel if the enemy takes damage, this allows Artemis or a teammate to burn down the enemy. A max of three traps can be placed.

Artemis’ second ability is Vengeful Assault, which provides Artemis with attack speed and movement speed buffs. This can be paired well with Transgressors Fate and Calydonian Boar to tear down an enemy god. This ability can also be used to run away from an attacking god, but it is better as an offensive ability.

Artemis’ third ability is Suppress the Insolent, which is a ranged ground target attack that does damage and applies a slow to the enemy god. This is a great ability for poking enemy gods.

Artemis’ ultimate is Calydonian Boar, for this ability she summons her boar doing damage to the nearest enemy in its range and slowing them. The boar is immune until after it hits the first enemy god. This is an amazing ability to tear down squishy enemies that need a push to death. 

For your first level put your point into Suppress the Insolent as this allows early poke and wave clear. For level 2 apply it to Vengeful Assault as this adds to attack speed and movement speed which is helpful. Now apply another point to Suppress the Insolent to increase damage output. At level 4 put a point into Transgressors Fate. Level up her ultimate at level 5 and then focus main points onto the ultimate and suppress the insolent. The next focus should be vengeful assault with Transgressors Fate being the last ability to focus on.

Its important to have a proper build with Artemis or else she will fall off the game quickly. She thrives on power and attack speed. At the beginning of the game begin Transcendence and Ninja Tabai, but finish Transcendence first. Transcendence gives power, MP5, cooldown reductions and an overall mana increase. Ninjas Tabai increases attack speed, movement speed, mana, and power. Next purchase Odysseus bow as this gives Artemis much needed early game attack speed and has a passive chain lighting attack that is great for this character. After that it is time to purchase Bloodforge for the life steal, physical power, and shield buff you receive if you kill an enemy. This shield is integral to surviving some fights since Artemis does not have an escape. Next purchase Deathbringer as this will give great power increase and increase the chance of getting a critical hit. Finally purchase wind demon which increases physical power, attack speed, and critical strike chance. If needed the hunter starter item can be purchased first and sold when possible to buy wind demon. If you are new to this goddess or the game I suggest doing this. Purchase potions as needed. The first relic I would suggest to purchase is Heavenly Wings, this will allow Artemis some extra movement speed which she will need if she needs to escape. After that I would purchase Aegis Amulet.

Artemis can become a great God killer if she is built correctly. Try to get an early game lead and you will be able to decimate enemies as the game progresses.


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