Achilles Abilities Guide – patch 5.12

Achilles Abilities Guide

The Hero of the Trojan War


  Achilles is a well-rounded physical warrior. His kit allows him to play as a strong solo lane god but could also play the roll of a Jungler. He is one of the few gods in the game that has an execute ability. This guide will be focusing on the gods solo lane play style not jungle play style.

  Achilles passive ability is gift of the gods. This passive ability is a little unique. You can only access this ability in the fountain. Achilles can choose to wear armor, granting him bonus Health and Protections, or forgo it, which will grant him bonus Movement Speed and Physical Power. To swap, use Achilles’ Basic Attack while in the fountain. Wearing the chest armor grants Health Bonus: 25 +15 per Level and protections Bonus: 5 +1.5 per Level. If you chose to not wear the chest armor, you will be granted a movement Speed Bonus: 1% +.25% per Level and Physical Power Bonus: 3 +2 per Level. DO NOT FORGET TO CHOSE BEFORE YOU JUST RUN OUT OF THE FOUNTAIN.

  Achilles 1 ability, shield of Achilles, is going to be your primary damaging ability. This is a cone ability. There are two layers to the cone, an inner and outer layer. Any enemy within the inner layer will receive damage and be stunned for 1 second. Any enemy in the outer layer will receive a 70% increase in damage from the ability. The base damage for this ability as you level it up is 80/135/190/245/300.

  His 2 ability, radiant glory, is a buff ability. Achilles buffs himself granting him Physical Power, Protections, and Crowd Control Reduction for 6 seconds. Additionally, Achilles will heal himself upon successfully hitting any enemy. This ability is what allows Achilles to brawl in solo lane allowing a lot of sustain. You almost always want to cast this ability before attacking an enemy god. Heal: 23/26/29/32/35 (10% of your Physical Power), Max Heals per Ability: 2/2/3/3/4, Physical Power: +10/12.5/15/17.5/20%, Protections: +10/12.5/15/17.5/20%, and Crowd Control Reduction: 20%.

  His 3 ability, Combat dodge, is a dash ability. Achilles can dash in 8 directions. After dashing, Achilles is granted a damaging line ability. If Achilles successfully lands this ability on an enemy god. He will be granted another dash AND another damaging line ability. It is extremely beneficial to land this ability on an enemy god. If you are chasing an enemy god. Landing the first line ability will allow you to continue to damage the enemy god. Or you can use this as an escape. If you are being chased, you can dash forward, turn around, land the line ability, turn back forward, and dash forward again. The line ability damage after dashing: 50/90/130/170/210.

  His final ultimate ability, fatal strike, this ability is an execute and damaging ability. Achilles winds up and lunges forward attacking an enemy god and dealing damage. Like I said, this is an execute ability, which allows you to kill any god within a certain health threshold. Once you have this ability unlocked and there is an enemy god below 30% Health. There will be a symbol on any enemy god that is within the threshold, letting you know that you can execute them. Hit the god with this ability and that god will instantly die (unless the use the sanctuary relic). If you successfully kill an enemy god, you will be granted the ability to execute another god within 8 seconds. After every execution, you will have 8 seconds to perform another execute. The ability can be used up to 5 times if you can consecutively execute enemy gods within the time limit. ONE MORE THING! After every successful execution, Achilles becomes more reckless and any damage received is increased by 10%. This also stacks up to 5 times. At max stacks, Achilles will take up to 50% addition damage. You do not HAVE to execute with this ability, you can use this ability to gain positioning or just deal damage to an enemy god. Damage: 180/270/360/450/540 (100% of your Physical Power)



  Some of the flaw for Achilles are:

  -His execute, because the wind up on the ability is very long. The symbol that pops up on the enemy god to let you know that they can be executed will also be visible for the enemy player, so they will know that they are able to be executed and will probably take some form of action to prevent you from executing them. Sometimes you really shouldn’t execute an enemy god, but you just get so blood thirsty. You execute them anyway, putting you in a horrible position which could result in your own death

  – Missing his 3 ability can be very punishing as well

  – It can be difficult to wave clear effectively

  – Sometimes you can go half the game and forget about his passive ability and not know if you should wear the chest armor or not

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