Smite New Items That Changed the Meta

Smite New Items That Changed the Meta

            The Hi-Rez devs have introduced these two items to try to revive some characters that have been suffering in the current meta. With these two new items, they brought back some gods that have been forgotten. But some gods took these items and performed way better than intended. But some gods are right where they want them to be. This article I will be talking to you about two of the most important items that are currently in the game (patch 5.18), the Golden Blade and Berserker Shield.



 Berserker Shield (1500 gold)

Passive- any time you hit an enemy with a basic attack, you are healed for 1& of your maximum health and mana. Basic attacks that hit multiple enemies will restore 0.5% of your maximum health and mana.

+25 Physical power, +15 Physical protection, +10% attack speed

First, I wanted to talk about berserker’s shield.At the beginning of the season, smite introduced a new item called gladiators shield. this item allowed huge sustain for ability-based gods. So, gods like sun wukong excelled in solo lane. The devs wanted to give basic attack warriors some sustainability. Originally this item granted 15% attack speed but due to some characters like Erlang Shen who could over perform with the use of this item. The item gave some warriors too much sustain so they lowered that attack speed to 10%. At 10% attack speed, this will prevent characters like Erlang Shen from soloing the phyromancer at the mid game phase of the match. All though I am a huge fan of erlang. I believe this is a sufficient fix and will keep auto attack-based gods playable in the meta.





Golden Blade (2200 gold)

Passive- all basic attacks will also hit enemies within a 15-unit radius of the target for 50% of the damage to gods. 75% damage to minions and jungle camps

+30 Physical Power, +10% movement speed, + 10% attack speed


Golden Blade! About a year ago, this item use to be called golden bow. Golden bow had the same passive ability as golden blade. Smite got rid of this item because hunters found a way to strongly abuse its passive. But getting rid of this item as a whole threw a lot of gods out the window and made them basically unplayable. One god that was affected the most was mercury, the messenger of the gods. As a huge merc fan, this hurt. For the longest time assassins/ junglers like merc and baka suffered in the jungle with camp clear. After complaining and borderline rioting. Smite decided to find a way to bring this item back but in a way that it wasn’t so easily abused and game breaking. With the introduction of the new and improved golden bow/ golden blade. Thus, the resurrection of assassins like merc and baka. This item is only accessible to warriors and assassins. Which I feel is a great decision. If you have been watching any of my streams, you would notice that I have been playing a lot of mercury lately. Because with this new item being back. It makes mercury a blast to play. I feel this was the perfect time for smite to release these items because it will give pro players plenty of time to become familiar with these items before worlds.



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