Fortnite Season 6, What is Going On?

As we all know season 5 of fornite is quickly coming to an end. With the announcement that Season 5 will come to an end after September 25 we surely won’t have to wait much longer for Epic’s epic conclusion and intro to the seasons. The transition to season 5 was definitely awesome so more likely than not Epic has some great story written for us.

So what do we think is going to happen? Well for starters lets look at what has already happened this season. The season started by releasing new parts of the map and changing up some existing places around the map. Some landmarks were removed and then either relocated or replaced, my favorite being tomato temple now. Tomato temple is also a major clue at what is going to happen in the coming season as there seems to be a cult of tomato people. Another major storyline addition was the giant purple cube that appeared in the map. (If you haven’t yet I wrote on article on the cube so be sure to check it out to get filled in on this spawn.) The cube has been rolling all over the map and leaving runes with anti-gravity wells in its wake. Shooting the cube also caused it to fight back which leads me to believe it is sentient in some way. Not that the season is coming to a close it seems the cube has reached its final destination around loot lake. The entire lake is now purple and super bouncy, this is actually a lot of fun to kill people on. Another thing we noticed as the season progressed was that with each weeks challenges we were rewarded with a new loading screen, if you pay attention to these you can see that the drifter skin character levels up his skin with each passing week. A few other changes to the map that were less important were that Dusty Divot now has a merch shop and diner and a building in tilted towers has been completed.

So what’s next? Obviously I am not an insider and this is all speculation but I will fill you in with what I have gathered from the internet. So it appears that the cube was drying a cube itself around the map as it rolled. My assumption from this is that a cube within a cube is a tesseract. And seeing as how pictures show character skins seeing evil representations of themselves in the cube and the title of the season is “worlds collide” I have a very strong feeling that this tesseract is going to cause some form of trans-dimension travel or crossover. Another big theory around the net is that the bunker in wailing woods is finally going to open. Theories surrounding what this will cause range from underground travel to husks being introduced to the game, but we wont know for sure until the season ends. To me it seems obvious that Loot Lake will soon be no more but once again we do not know what it will be replaced with. My favorite theory is that it will become a water park. According to a fortnite leaks twitter they have found in game files for volcanoes as well as their respective sounds so maybe a volcano will erupt hear and we will have a whole new playing area. Once again this is all speculation and there is always a near infinite amount of ideas about what could happen.

I am super excited for what the season transition holds and personally cannot wait to see what happens. Thanks for reading this article and let me know what you think in the comments!

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