Call Of Duty Blackout Guide: Advanced

Call of Duty Blackout Guide: Advanced

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You may have seen other players on twitch or in game using the wingsuit off cliffs and buildings in Blackout. If you watch the kill feed, there are still a handful of players who don’t know how the hell to redeploy their wingsuits. All you have to do is find somewhere to jump off and hold down the jump button instead of just tapping it once.



Vehicles are great for getting to the safe zone in blackout, especially early game when the storm may force you to run across the entire map. So, finding a vehicle for that purpose is crucial. Typically, vehicles spawn out in the open or by most roads. when you spot a vehicle that you may need to use. I always say look “twice before crossing the road”. What I mean by that is, scope out the vehicle first. If the storm is about to hit you. Take second to see if there is another player already running at it from a further distance away. Last thing you need is to chase after a vehicle that somebody has been camping. You’ll just die, give them a kill, AND the vehicle



Vehicles are loud as F***! Driving a vehicle in solo mode leaves you completely defenseless! If you are already in the top 25. There is no need for you to use a vehicle anymore. By the time you are in the top 25. You should have acquired enough medical supplies for you to last in the storm for a couple of meters. Because by the time you are in the top 25. The storm wont force you to make long journeys. The only time you should be using a vehicle is to get really far across the map. If the storm forces you to run and take a little bit of damage. Then so be it. You should risk losing a little bit of health sneaking in to the safe zone rather than trying to mad max your way in to the safe zone letting everyone know where you are. 



Figure out your sensitivity. The game starts you off at the sensitivity level of a turtle. Raise your sensitivity level. At first you may think it’s hard to shoot someone with a higher sensitivity level. You’ll eventually get used to it. Higher sensitivity level will allow you to turn around quicker if someone is behind you. If you start playing blackout with a low sensitivity. Your hand eye coordination will get use to that level of play and it will be harder to raise your sensitivity later. 



After you drop in. there’s a high chance you didn’t drop alone. You should have scouted before you landed to see if there were any enemies that landed near you. If there were, rush them. Pick up a gun. Any rifle, shotgun, light machinegun, whatever! Grab your gun and maybe some armor along the way and kill them as soon as possible. Don’t loot your building and run away.  If you rush them from the start you won’t be paranoid when looting. After you kill them, everything they looted will be on their dead body, so they did half the looting for you.

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