Call of Duty: Blackout Equipment Guide

Blackout Equipment guide

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These are the some of the top equipment to use in Call of Duty Blackout

Equipment is completely underrated in Blackout! Some people don’t think equipment is that big of a deal. I’m here to tell you that it makes a huge difference especially in a 1v1. Some people just don’t know how you use equipment effectively. I’m going to give you a quick rundown of some great equipment that you should get comfortable using because it can turn the tides of a fight or keep you in the know.

1.         The cluster grenade: People fear what they don’t know. They don’t know what the cluster grenade is or how to use it. It’s basically a grenade that blows up twice. When it blows up a second time it covers a way larger blast radius. So, you need lob these things at a greater distance. A well-placed cluster grenade can clear and entire room the roof of a building.

2.         Sensor dart: Underrated! If you scoop up a sensor dart and don’t have enough room to keep on carrying it through the game. Don’t just toss it on the ground. That something I see a lot of players do. Just shoot a vehicle with it! If someone uses the vehicle then you’ll know about it and you’ll know where they’re going. Its very silent, so if you are paranoid and think you might have heard a sound in another building. Go ahead and shot the dart at that building. Shooting it attract much attention. Unless you shoot it through a window that isn’t broken. So just be careful with that because I have made that mistake a couple times myself.

3.         Grappling hook: OH. MY LANTA. The grappling hook is one hell of a time. if you want basic advice, just use the grappling hook to scape a building and get a vantage point. My more advanced guide…. Use it for mobility in fight. Mostly team fights if you are doing duos or squads. You don’t always have to shoot it at a tall building. Sometimes you can shoot it at a truck to get to a location faster. Using them in team fights are amazing. Most squads are on coms with each other. If you get spotted by one of them at one place. You can zip straight to another one and throw the enemy squad off guard. I once fought a team that utilized the grapple gun against me and I felt like I was fighting 10 people.  A lot of times if you get the drop on someone and can finish the kill. Players will hide behind a dumpster or something to heal up super quick. Then turn around and kill you. Using the grapple gun to shoot something next to where they just hide and blitz the guy faster than he can heal. Nothing makes you feel more badass than killing someone as if you were on attack on titian. You can also just use the grappling hook to get around faster. Get yourself out of the storm quicker.

4.         Armor: Love hate relationship. You want armor, easy. The higher the level the more protection it offers, makes sense. BUT! Don’t throw away a level 1 armor piece for a damaged level 3 piece. Just cause it’s a higher level doesn’t mean a damaged piece is better. For some reason people see a level 3 armor piece on a dead body and think it is better. It’s almost like they forgot that they just pumped four shotgun shells into that dude chest.

5.         Trophy system: not a huge fan of this item but the most use I have gotten out of this item is throwing it on a vehicle before I drive that vehicle. You can toss these things right on a four-wheeler before using it. If someone uses a rocket launcher on you. The trophy will destroy it before it gets to you.

6.         9 Bangs: I’m just a huge fan of the 9 bangs. It’s basically, a flashbang. People are hesitant to use these because in other Call of Duty multiplayer games. People would have perks like flack mask (I think that’s what it was called) where other players would be immune to flashbangs. In blackout, this is not the case. So far, there are no perks that allow you to be immune to flashbangs. But back to using the 9 bangs. If the fight is going on long enough. Using this item to flash the enemy gives you a big upper hand. At first, I would constantly flashbang myself because I couldn’t get the range of the effect down. So be careful when using this.


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