Smite Joust Overview for Beginners (Season 5 Current)


Season 5 of Smite unrolled a slight variant to the existing joust map, whether you are new to the game or are just trying to get an update on any changes that may have happened I am here to help. This is current to patch 5.12.

Location Number 1: Let’s start at the well shall we? The game has you begin in a well on your teams side of the map, this well is where you will recall if you choose so. In the well your character will fully restore health and mana, as well as restore any gauntlets you may have purchased. The well is also where you are able to buy and sell items and relics your character will need. The only non playable character (NPC) located within the well is your Titan. Your overall objective is to defend the Titan and ensure that it is not destroyed, if it dies the game ends and you lose.

Location Number 2: The first line of defense for your Titan is your phoenix, which is located on the map above at marker 2. The phoenix is an NPC that cannot be hurt until the tower in front of it is destroyed. The phoenix will fight back against enemy gods unless the Bull Demon King (6) is destroyed, more on that later. If the phoenix is destroyed the destroying team receives buffed fire minions instead of the normal ones. The phoenix can heal itself and the opposing minions will no longer spawn with their buff once the phoenix resurrects.

Location Number 3: The first line of defense is the tower. The tower will attack any enemy gods or minions inside of its radius, one at a time in the same manner as the phoenix. If an enemy god hits the allied gods tower while inside the radius of said tower, this tower will auto target that god. This tower cannot regenerate health and once it is destroyed it is out of the game for good.

Location Number 4: At location 4 is one of the two simple jungle buff camps located on the joust map, the mana buff. The blue color of this buff corresponds with the blue represented by mana incase you are ever confused. At this camp there are 3 NPC minions that can be killed, if they are killed they will drop a single mana buff that can be picked up by any allied god. This buff gives the god who picks it up increased MP5 for the duration of the buff. This buff will respawn.

Location Number 5: At location 5 is the other simple jungle buff camp, the damage camp. This camp operates in the exact same way as the mana camp, however there is only one of these on the map so the two teams must fight over this. The god who picks this buff up is awarded with additional power for the remainder of the buff.

Location Number 6: Location 6 is one of the most important camps to ensure a swift victory. This is the Bull Demon King, he is a strong NPC that gives a massive award if he is killed. This NPC has a lot of health so usually isn’t even touched until mid game. If he is killed he gives ALL allied gods a damage buff and the enemy teams phoenix is stunned and can no longer attack (for a period of time). This NPC can respawn and is also easily stolen so place wards in the jungle to see if an enemy is coming in for a steal.

Location Number 7: Location 7 is the most recent addition to the joust map in season 5. This is an XP camp, at this camp 2 NPC minions reside in the same area as, but not in the radius of, the Bull Demon King. Killing these minions rewards you with experience that can be a nice boost in between waves. This camp can respawn.

That’s a basic understanding of the joust map and if you have any questions at all feel free to comment below. Thanks for reading!

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