Supporting Basics Ep3

Supporting in Smite


Welcome back to another smite supporting guide. I’ll be your host for this evening, MR Dpoodly. Hopefully you get yelled at a little less by your ADC after reading this one. This is guide is currently for patch 5.16. we are going to jump right in to some of the supporting playbook

            TANKING: this one is simple. You are the support so generally you want to build tanky, with some exceptions. If you are supporting as an Aphrodite or a Guan. You might not be as tank as if you were a Geb or a Ymir. When tanking you are generally want to soak up as much of the effective damage as possible. When I say effective damage. I don’t mean, just walking up to the enemy gods and letting them hit you. you want the enemy team to burn their abilities on you rather than your teammates. Because being the tanky teammate, you should be able to take a couple hits and be fine. If the enemy burns a lot of their abilities on you. it allows your team to move in more confidently. When tanking in a team fight you want to basically be the front line. You want to be what separates the enemies from your damage (hunters, mages). while you soak up some damage. Your allies should be casting all their abilities on the enemy gods, getting kills, finishing towers. NOW… towers and objective tanking. It’s simple, if you are in duo lane and there is an enemy god sitting under his tower with low HP and your ADC is feeling hungry. You two can dive the tower and try to get the kill. Your ADC won’t be able to take many hits without being put and inch from death. So, what you want to do is rush the tower. Try to hit the enemy god that you are diving as fast as possible so that the tower is agro’d on to you and not you ADC. Once you’ve taken about as much damage as you can soak up. If you take the tower hits, the diving process can last much longer than when the ADC takes the hits. Sometimes you ADC is just blood thirsty. So that why I say you need to rush In and hit the enemy god ASAP so that the tower targets you and not the ADC. Building a lot of protections should allow you to have more tankiness.   

KILL SET UPS: feed your teammates. Set them up for kills. The more kills they get. The more money and levels they get. In one of my earlier articles I recommended some gods to start supporting as because they have a lot of CC (crowd Control). Crowd control are things like stuns, roots, slows, and thing that can stop the enemy teams flow. While being in the front lines you should CC enemies as much as possible so that your ADC or midlaners can just ripe the enemies a new one. Some abilities can be disrupted with stun. If an enemy is casting an ability you can stun them, and it will prevent them from using the ability. If you see an enemy with low HP in a team fight. Chances are, you arent the only one who sees him with low HP. So you got to call him out to your team. Then CC the balls out of him until one of your teammates can crank him down to no HP.

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