Good Fortnite Loot Locations for Beginners

If you are like me you may not be a pro at Fortnite, but do not worry in this article I will show you some places you can land that will help you gear up and kill the enemy! The most important thing is to always listen for the sound clip that plays when a chest is nearby, always be listening.

Location Number 1: There is a tower located to the NE of Wailing Woods, this is a great place because it is close to the edge of the map and usually nobody lands in this area. Land on top of the tower and break your way through the top and into the tower where loot will await you, make sure you search through the entire tower. On the second floor there is a secret area behind the stairs don’t forget to check there! This is also a great location to stock up on wood.

Location Number 2: The bunker between Dusty Divot and Tomato Town can sometimes be a safe place to land that can provide adequate loot for survival. Land below as there is floor loot that can be used for protection if someone decides to join you. Before you make your way up stair go to the middle of the bunker and go to the west side of the wall, you should hear that magical noise. Break down the wall and a secret area should be there containing up to two chests. After looting this make your way up the bunker and loot everything you find. If you are in the circle you can even hide out here and fortify the bunker with the materials it is already made out of.

Location Number 3: There is a barn located to the west of Lonely Lodge that anybody rarely goes to. Land on the big red barn as this will give you your best chance towards loot, make sure you search the upper level as there is usually a chest there. The rest of the area has loot scattered around so be sure to check this area top to bottom as you may find what you seek!

Location Number 4: Off to the Races! Head to the racetrack for some fast paced loot. There are two buildings here that can be looted and usually contain a few chests. This location is also fun because it is an actual racetrack now. Hop on a golf cart and have some fun, just try not to die.

Location Number 5: I am sure there is a common name for this house but I prefer to call it Gru’s house as it reminds me of the house from the movie Minions. This is one of my all time favorite places to land as it is usually deserted and it contains decent loot. Land on the roof and break your way into the attic, there is usually at least one chest here. Make sure to check every area of this house for loot (you might need to break down a wall or two), don’t forget to check the balcony near the roof. Once this area is looted chop down some trees for building material and be on your way.

Location Number 6: Greasy Grove used to be as populated as Tilted Towers, times sure have changed, but this location has not! Head to the gun store in the center of the town as there is loot to be had. Don’t forget to check the wall behind the canoe on the stair as a chest enjoys hiding out there. Once you have looted the gun store you should be armed enough to defend yourself as you loot the rest of the city.

I hope you enjoyed this article and if you have any other places you like to go please tell me in the comments. Enjoy finding your loot and happy killing!

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