Anhur Build/Item Guide

This guide is current for season 5.

Anhur is a ranged physical hunter known as the “Slayer of Enemies”, and can deal massive amounts of damage. He plays best in the ADC role however he can play in the midlane. This will be a basic guide that will focus on the ADC role and is fairly well rounded. Anhur does best when his attack speed, power, and penetration are built into.

Anhurs passive ability is Enfeeble, his spear attacks reduce enemies physical protections for 3 seconds.

Anhurs first ability is shifting shands, which is a ground target ability that can block player movement. The obelisk that Anhur summons also provides a slow to enemies as well as a damage buff to Anhurs basic attacks.

Anhurs second ability is impale, which is a line ability that deals massive damage and applies a knockback to enemy gods hit by this ability. This can be paired with shifting sands to hit an enemy god into the obelisk and then tear them down. Impale also goes through enemy minions in a line.

Anhurs third ability is disperse, using this ability causes Anhur to leap to the target location doing damage to enemies and applying a knockback around him. This ability can also be used as an escape.

Anhurs ultimate ability is desert fury, using this ability causes Anhur to throw 8 spears quickly at enemies dealing massive damage and applying knockback to enemy gods hit. These spears pass through everything and this ability can be paired greatly with shifting sands by using the shifting sands ability then using desert fury to push an enemy god into the obelisk, while continuing to bombard them with spears. Anhurs passive ability allows him to deal massive damage with his basic attack as well as any ability based attacks using his spear.

 For the first point put it into impale, while putting the second point into disperse ( this will allow an escape if needed). Put another point into impale at level 3 as this will allow crucial early game wave clear. For the fourth level put the first point into shifting sands and then a point into his ultimate at level 5. For the rest of the levels focus points on impale and desert fury, while putting points into shifting sands when required. Build points into disperse last as this ability is better as an escape more than an offensive ability.

 For this season it is important to first build the hunters starter item first, also begin to purchase devourers gauntlet as Anhur makes good use of lifesteal (blood forge can also be purchased if you plan on being aggressive and will make good use of the shield reward). After your lifesteal item is complete purchase Warriors Tabi for the movement speed and power buff it gives. Next build Executioner as it will give attack speed and damage buffs, this item also reduces enemy protections. Next purchase Qin’s Sais as this will give more attack speed and power crucial to success with Anhur. After that purchasing Odysseus Bow provides even more attack speed and applies a lightning bolt after 4 successive basic attack hits that applies a great poke. Now build into crusher as this will give much needed penetration as well as bonus ability damage, this item can be built earlier if enemy physical defense is too high. Once the build is complete you can sell the starter item and replace it with Deathbringer as this will allow Anhur to deal devastating blows which can turn a late game team fate in your favor. Purchase potions as needed. Relics are always up to the players discretion, however Aegis shield and speed boots can always come in handy when needing to get out of a less than ideal position.

 If built properly, and not let under leveled Anhur’s basic attacks deal a massive amount of damage that can destroy enemy gods, just be careful not to enter a battle you will not win.


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