Is Overwatch’s Wrecking Ball a Good Character?

Is Wrecking Ball the hero Overwatch needed or just another useless character?

The recent hero additions to Overwatch have been a hit or miss for most players. So when we learned that Hammond, a hero that has been rumored for quite some time will finally come to the game, we were super excited. And Wrecking Ball, the new character is definitely something rather unique in its own right. Even if it does look like DVA in some ways, the abilities and even the way he traverses the map makes the overall gameplay a lot more diverse. Yet did we really need this character?

 There’s no denying that tanks in the game are pretty varied. So having a new tank that’s rather similar to DVA is a bit strange. Sure, Wrecking Ball can basically transform into a ball and move around the map easier, but the way he attacks is very reminiscent of DVA and Orisa, two very important tanks in the game.

And the Wrecking Ball abilities are not exactly very different from what other tanks deliver. Sure, you can transform into a ball and knock enemies to deliver damage. But you also have regular cannons that are similar to what other tanks use. However, there are some different abilities like minefield, adaptive shield or the grappling claw.

Wrecking Ball’s ultimate, the pile driver is not exactly a very impressive ultimate. Sure, it does damage enemies and launches them upward, but it does show that you have to communicate with your team as much as possible to make that attack count.

Also, Wrecking Ball does have quite a lot of opposition. Bastion, the snipers, even Orisa will be able to kill you fast if you’re not moving all the time. The idea behind the character is that you need to disrupt, cause some damage and shake up the enemy formation. But he can’t really lead the team to victory without help from other characters. And that’s maybe the best thing about Wrecking Ball if you think about it.

The game needs to create more and more characters that focus on team play, and with Wrecking Ball they do deliver this type of feeling. You aren’t focused on using the tank to eliminate the entire team. Instead, you want to help your team and devise new strategies to complete a particular objective. That makes a lot of sense in a game like Overwatch, where people can try to become individual heroes as they try to get all the gold medals.

Wrecking Ball may be a new hero, but it’s already a fan favorite for a lot of people. That being said, just like any other hero it does have its own weaknesses. And that makes him fun to play, because you need to find some ways to counteract all those things naturally and with great success. It’s a good idea to at least check it out and see if you like how he plays. But in the end, this is a great addition to the Overwatch hero roster and we are curious to see where they go from here!

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